Announcing the Mike Sells Labor Champion Award!

The Snohomish and Island County Labor Council is proud to announce the creation of the Mike Sells Labor Champion Award, which will be presented for the first time on Oct. 25, 2022, and annually to a deserving recipient who has carried on in Rep. Sells legacy as a champion of organized labor and public service here in Western Washington.

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2022 Election Endorsements

See the full slate of SICLC and WSLC local and statewide election endorsements here.

Support Our Veterans!

Veterans from all generations are processing the news of what is unfolding in Afghanistan. We want to support them during this concerning time. Find Veteran Resources


SICLC 2022 Legislative Priorities

Find out what our agenda is for the state legislature this year.

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The Snohomish & Island County Labor Council and Its Purpose

The Snohomish and Island County Labor Council is a federation of 64 unions in Snohomish and Island counties. Those unions represent 42,000 working families for the purpose of bargaining wages/salaries and working conditions with their employers.

The Labor Council and its member unions are dedicated to helping workers organize their workplaces so that they are ensured economic justice and dignity.

Support Unions! Buy Union-Made Products

Made-in-America, union-made products available for every occasion. Check out our union-made page.

Frontline workers were excluded from companies’ pandemic windfalls.

No wonder so many are forming unions.

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Congrats! You Formed a Union. Now Comes the Hard Part.

The boring, crucial work that happens now that Starbucks and Amazon have unionized. Read Article

Starbucks’s Multimillion-Dollar Anti-Union Effort May Have Backfired

The last two months have seen a veritable whirlwind of labor activism at Starbucks. Workers at more than 100 Starbucks stores in 26 states have now filed for union elections. Read Article

Machinists Union Ratifies New Labor Deal at Washington State Aluminum Plant

Urgency increases on Bonneville Power Administration to help restart facility, save hundreds of jobs. Read Article

Delta Announces It Will Pay Flight Attendants During Boarding Amid Union Push

In a major win for unionizing flight attendants, Delta Air Lines announced on Monday that it will begin paying its flight attendants during boarding. Read Article

Amazon Workers at New York Warehouse Vote to Form Company’s First U.S. Union

Amazon warehouse workers at a facility in New York City have voted to form the first US union in the tech giant’s 27-year history, marking a stunning victory for a bootstrapped effort led by a fired employee. Read Article

It Pays to be UNION. Join Us!

• Union workers' median weekly earnings are 16% higher than their nonunion counterparts

• Median wages for women Union workers are 20% higer than nonunion women

• Median wages for African American Union workers are 27% higher than nonunion African American workers

• Median wages for Latino Union workers are 39% higher than nonunion Latino workers

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