The Snohomish County Labor Council and Its Purpose

The Snohomish County Labor Council is a federation of 63 unions in Snohomish County. Those unions represent 42,000 working families for the purpose of bargaining wages/salaries and working conditions with their employers.

The Labor Council and its member unions are dedicated to helping workers organize their workplaces so that they are ensured economic justice and dignity.

Thank You, Snohomish County!

Because of you, our Letter Carriers collected 235,033 pounds of food, providing 183,619 meals! All food went to local food banks.

The National Letter Carriers Food Drive in Snohomish County is organized by:




August 4th is Solidarity Night at the Aqua Sox Ballpark

Each year Solidarity Night is the best-attended Aqua Sox game of the year! Make plans now to attend the game on Thursday, Aug. 4th and have fun rooting on the Aqua Sox and supporting Snohomish County Labor.

The gates open at 6:00 pm and first pitch is 7:00 pm.

Tickets will available soon. For information, call the Snohomish County Labor Council office at 425-259-9173. See you there!

Published June 14, 2016 at

Boeing Stymied Staff From Talking to Regulators

Aviation giant made engineers sign non-disclosure deals, leading to refusals to talk to the FAA and an official probe.

by Will Jordan

Boeing made its engineers sign a non-disclosure agreement that led some to refuse to discuss details of 787 "Dreamliner" designs with US government regulators, new documents reveal.

In 2011, the major plane and arms manufacturer made employees agree in writing that "non-public sensitive material" linked to a mysterious programme known as Project Espresso "must be safeguarded at all times and held confidential on a strict need-to-know basis".

After signing the agreement, Boeing engineers told Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials they were banned from speaking about specific features of the 787 passenger plane, triggering a government probe.

The engineers had signed a document that said: "I will only reveal and discuss Project Information with individuals as approved by Project Espresso sponsors." Read entire article

Published June 9, 2016 at

This is How Much Washington State Aerospace Companies Got In Tax Breaks In the Past 2 Years

Rachel Nielsen
Staff Writer Puget Sound Business Journal

Almost 300 companies have received state tax breaks totaling $553 million over the last two years as a result of Washington’s aerospace industry tax relief programs.

Most of that sum, or 93 percent, has gone to airplane maker Boeing (NYSE: BA), which got $517 million in aerospace tax breaks in 2014 and 2015.

The rest of the money, $35 million, was divided among 287 companies, most of them small and midsize businesses that typically got only tens of thousands of dollars of tax relief.

These figures come from preliminary numbers that the companies self-reported to the state’s Department of Revenue.
Boeing had disclosed the amount of its tax breaks earlier this year, when it said it had saved $305 million in 2015. In the Department of Revenue’s figures, Boeing’s 2015 tax savings worked out slightly lower, at $300 million. Read entire article

TPP: The Next Big Free Trade Mistake

Fast Track Fact #1: Costs Jobs

Trade policies adopted under Fast Track have cost us more than 1 million jobs and contributed to the shuttering of more than 60,000 factories.

Call Congress: 1-855-712-8441 and Say NO to Fast Track

Source: AFL-CIO

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