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Published November 26, 2014 in the Marysville Globe

Union Sticks Up for Walmart Workers

by Steve Powell, Marysville Globe Managing Editor

MARYSVILLE – Union leaders want to give Walmart a black eye on Black Friday.

About 20 union supporters, including state Rep. Mike Sells and Stanwood Mayor Leonard Kelly, were at the Marysville Walmart on 64th Street Nov. 26 before noon. Another group plans to be at the Walmart in Tulalip on Black Friday itself.

The union members came from all types of professions and trades. Similar efforts are taking place at all 64 Walmarts in the state and also nationwide. The effort takes place in about 20 minutes. They go inside and give employees badges and talk to shoppers outside.

Walmart representative Kayla Wayling noted the union members are paid to demonstrate against the company on Black Friday, and "They are not representative of our 1.3 million associates."

Tom Geiger, communications director for UFCW 21, said the union is "a voice for working America." It wants to build a "powerful union that fights for economic, political and social justice in our workplaces and our communities."

Geiger goes on to say "Walmart workers work for the largest employer and the wealthiest family in the U.S., but who still struggle to make ends meet. The actions call on Walmart to provide workers with fair pay for hard work, full-time hours, respect, and to end the retaliation against workers who speak out for an improved workplace."
Meanwhile, a new report by Americans for Tax Fairness reveals that Walmart uses tax breaks with overseas accounts to dodge $1 billion annually, on average, in federal taxes. It also shows how Walmart is working behind the scenes lobbying Congress with donations to help lower the U.S. corporate tax rate to 25 percent, which would allow Walmart to cut its tax bill on average another $720 million a year.

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