Snohomish County Labor Council, AFL/CIO

Minutes of the meeting of July 28, 1999

      The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Vice Pres Chapman. (Pres. Darr was out negotiating the RTA Project Labor agreement and Reading Clerk Wentworth was home ill.) The Flag salute followed.


      A moment of silence was observed for Brian Dibucci, member of the Everett Police Officers Association, who died in the line of duty this last week. 

  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as typed and handed out.


      IBEW 89 for Matthew P. Carroll, Shelley R. Holm, Arlene Schulte, Douglas D. Witt                      

     AFSCME 948 for Ted St. Hilaire

      IBEW 77 for Chuck Russell

      IAFF46 for Don Schwab


M/S/C to seat the delegates who were present. The following delegate was present and sworn in: Don Schwab, IAFF 46.


     State Rep. Jeff Morris, Candidate for Congress, 2nd District covered his personal history in the Skagit County area where he grew up. As a State Representative for the 40th District he has worked on energy, telecommunications and worker dislocation funds extension, most recently. As an aide in the office of Congressman Al Swift he developed a background in telecommunications issues also. Rep, Morris is seeking the 2nd Congressional seat being vacated by Congressman Jack Metcalf.

      Deana Knutson, Candidate for Stevens Hospital Board went over her background with several Citizen Action groups that dealt with health care issues. She has been active in working for patient rights, and done research on the impact of right to work laws. She is currently being supported by SEIU Local 1199NW for the position on the Hospital Board.            Ron Gipson, Candidate for Everett  City Council, grew up in Everett. He currently works at the Denny Youth Center and is also serving on the Everett City Council. He is also a shop steward for AFSCME out at the Denny Youth Center. He felt that he had a good understanding of unions and the needs of members because of his involvment in AFSCME. He came to ask for an endorsement of the Labor Council. His big concern is the needs of youth in this area.. Economic development and parks were also high on his agenda.

     Marian Krell, Candidate for Everett City Council  has lived in Everett all her life. She was in a career in outside sales for 20 years, and is currently the Office of Neighborhoods Director in the city of Everett. She has held that position for the last 5 and 1/2 years. She has been endorsed by the Everett Firefighters Local 46 and the Everett Police Officers Assn. She is for clean safe neighborhoods, and wants to make sure the Medic 1 is maintained. She also stated her commitment to parks and recreation.


       From Washington State Labor Council :7/19/99 Diane McDaniel, re 2000 in 2000 campaign; 7/2299 Karen Kaiser, Communications Dir., rally to protect Medicare, Thursday, July 29th at 11:30 AM, Council House, 1501-17th Ave., Seattle; 7/26/99 Jody Robbins, Labor Liaison for Community & Technical Colleges on current vacancies on Boards; Announcement of 1999 Political Action Conference, Sept. 11 & 12 at the Doubletree Hotel in Southcenter area

      From AFL/CIO: 6/30/99, Charles E. Mercer, Union Label and Service Trades Dept of the AFL/CIO on the Stop the Saipan Scan; 6/30/99 Marilyn Sneiderman, Dir, Field Mobilization with letter from PACE urging locals to affiliate with Councils; 6/30/99 John Sweeney, Pres. announcing Labor in the Pulpits program; 7/2/99 John J. Sweeney, Pres., expressing AFL/CIO support for United Way after a series of frank and constructive meetings; 7/19/99 Amy Dean et al, CLC Advisory Committee on recent CLC conferences; 7/19/99 Central Labor Council Advisory Committee encouraging participation in the Labor in the Pulpits programá

      From Local Unions & Councils: 7/20/99, Linda Lanham, Legislative Political Director, Aerospace Machinists Industrial Lodge 751 thanking Council for help with social service agency meeting; King County Labor Council, 1999 Labor Day Celebration, Monday, Sept. 6th, Woodland Park Shelters 1, 2 & 3; David Brower, Earth Island Institute and David Foster, Dist. 11 USWA on Houston Principles of the Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment; Machinists Local 2202, announcing July 30th rally for Alaska Airline Workers, 3 to 5 PM at the Sea Tac Flag Pavilion; 7/22/99 United Steelworkers of American announcing resumption of talks with Kaiser Aluminum

      From Agencies and Groups: Snohomish County Democrats announcement of official call for meeting on August 5 at the SnoCo PUD Auditorium; Interfaith Association of Snohomish County, Open House of the IHN Family Shelter, Sun. Aug. 15th, 2 PM to 5 PM, 2520 Cedar; Snohomish County Study Circles re: Sept. 28 Community Kickoff for Study Circles, 7 to 9 PM at Floral Hall in Everett, Topic is Toward A More Perfect Union in an Age of Diversity;

      From political action committees: Dave Earling for Edmonds City Council campaign kickoff, Thursday, July 29th at Edmonds Floral Conference Center, 5:30 to 7:30 PM.


        Sec. Treas. Sells gave out the planning report that had been worked on by the Executive Board. He asked that they take time to look it over between now and the next meeting to see if it met the needs and directions of members and affiliates, as well as whether or not it was consistent with the AFL/CIO program for Union Cities.

      The Executive Board recommended sending the Sec. Treas. to the AFL/CIO Convention in October.  M/S/C to send the Sec. Treas. to the AFL/CIO Convention in October.

      The Board discussed support of a bill that would allow PUD's greater latitude in building telecommunications infrastructure. No official action has been taken yet, but the Board will come back with a recommendation.

      Sec. Treas. Sells noted that the COPE Screening Committee would begin screening 2nd District Congressional candidates on August 11th, looking to have a recommendation for the August meeting.

      Sec. Treas. Sells gave out a written report on his activities that included: meeting with and setting up meetings for affiliates; community relations with regard to CWU, Everett Housing Authority, and United Way; Workers Memorial, use of interns and attendance at COPE related meetings.

      United Way Labor Liaison Bill Borders reported on raffle tickets being sold by Community Services at the Solidarity Day game. He noted that the food banks are extremely low and solicited help.  (The Sec. Treas. will send out an e-mail requesting help) Operation Shortfall has given $5,000 to area food banks to help stem the shortfall. He thanked Carpenters 562 and LIUNA 292 for stepping forward on the wheel chair ramp program. He also thanked IAM 751 for helping out at the Everett Gospel Mission with some maintenance.  He also stated that the KSER Labor Radio Journal is almost the oldest labor progrom in the US. It can now be heard from Vancouver to Tacoma. Bill Johnson, 751 President and Rep. Hans Dunshee will be on the next program. Jim Smith, Mike Heins, Craig Skomski were thanked for their help. They will be doing a live show on 90.7, starting with the next one.


       Community Services: Jackie Boschok reported that they would be doing a food drive during Solidarity night, August 18th at the AquaSox game. They will also be selling tickets for Operation Shortfall. Prizes for the raffle are still being sought.


       One Stop: Don Shove reported that the County Exec had appointed all candidates to Workforce Investment Board. Delegates will be hearing more about actual One Stop sites, soon.

       WISHA Monitoring: Tom Plummer reported that the next meeting is August 5th. They have wrapped up the musculo-skeletal disorder advisory committee. A short ergonomics rule of 3 pages has been developed. It is: preventative in nature, requires labor involvement and the OK of people at worksite will be required. Training under the guidelines will be portable to other jobsites. There will be more information at the WSLC Convention.

COPE-No further report



       Organizing reports-IAM 130  Dave Volkmann, reported on organizing drives at Navy Bases by the Metal Trades. They have held a successful drive at White Marine where they were given volunteer recognition. They have also been successful at Dwayne Lane Chevrolet in Arlington. However, volunteer recognition was refused and they are going to election. He noted a manpower shortage at worksites represented by the Machinists. UBC 562, Ed Triezenberg reported on organizing at Osborne Construction at Cascade High School construction site. It is a joint organizing project with Laborers. It will go to hearing for an election after their request for voluntary recogntion was turned down. IBEW191, Darrell Chapman, discussed National Electrical Contractors Association members in the area that went non-union several years ago. The last company has just come back in under a union contract.

       Contract Negotiations-IAM 751, Bruce Spalding reported on the Boeing Machinist strike sanction vote. 15,000 members attended with 98% approving strike sanction. Committees are meeting in Seattle and Wichita to plan in the event of a strike. A lot of issues are important to members, but job security is at the top. OPEIU 8, Suzanne Mode thanked the Council with its help in gaining agreement with Visiting Nurses. It is a tentative agreement  that has been passed by the membership. The state has intervened, however, and blocked the agreement because of the front loading of the state portion of salary funds. The employer and union are trying to get the settlement passed. The action was taken by Dan Murphy of the Washington Department of Aging. SEIU1199NW, Chris Romper & Julanne O'Brien stated that the new unit at Stevens has been certified. They are now in bargaining. Wages, staffing and maintenance of benefits are the main issues. The hospital's first counter did not touch on any of those issues whatsoever. The next meeting is August 4th. IAM 130, Dave Volkmann- stated that the Central Body of Everett contract is coming up, as is Edmonds Automotive. Grosvenor, which was organized in Jan., is coming together for talks soon. At Todd's Shipyards, 11 crafts may doing some action to get the companies attention regarding bargaining issues. Kenworth in Renton has 14 months of backlog. They cannot supply enough assembly workers even at $12.95 and hour + benefits for an entry level. They are down by about 200 employees.

       Internal governance-No further report


       M/S/C to recommend Deana Knutson for the Stevens Hospital District #2 Commissioner, Position 1. The body asked that the record reflect that it was a unanimous vote.

       M/S to recommend Marian Krell for Everett City Council  M/S/C to table the motion 


       Kent Hanson, AFSCME 1811C and Snohomish County Democratic Chair reported that on Aug. 12th the Governor will be at Pioneer Park in Arlington. All were invited. This was a chance to meet Democratic candidates for the 2nd Congressional District. Sept. 15th will be the Jefferson/Jackson Dinner with Tipper Gore as the featured guest speaker. Bob Dantini, recommended candidate for County Treasurer, made announcement of a golf tournament, August 24th at the Battle Creek Golf Course to help raise funds for the campaign. A Diversity Dance on Aug 21st with proceeds to go to the VOA is being sponsored by County Treasurer employees. It will be at the Paine Field Medical building. Bob Monize, LIUNA 292 reported on  a meeting with the Snohomish County Council of Aging at which Initiative 695 was discussed. That initiative would  lower all license tabs to $30. He reported that if it passed, $6 billion will be gone from the state of Washington. This has a direct bearing on public transportation, and, as a result, will particularly hurt seniors. He also stated that on Saturday at Blackman's Lake, the 39th Leg Demo Dist picnic is being held. Vice Pres. Chapman  asked that we invite Rep. Cooper, Chairman Rick Larsen and Bob Drewel to talk about the Initiative 695. Chuck Jewell, IBT 38, suggested that we bring a can of food to each meeting to help the foodbanks. Mary Lou Eckart, Lynnwood Saturn announced she had brought up an LX for those interested in looking at it. She will bring a car to the Solidarity Day game, also.  Sec. Treas. Sells noted that Solidarity tickets were available for delegates to pick up after the meeting.

  Winner of the community services drawing was Don Shove, IAM 751

  The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM

  Respectfully submitted,

Mike Sells, Sec. Treas.


AFSCME 109: Pat Thompson

AFSCME 109E: Maxine Ponds




AFSCME 948: Annabelle Collings

AFSCME 1020: Ralph Knutson

AFSCME 1355:

AFSCME 1811:

AFSCME 1811C: Kent Hanson

AFSCME 1811CA: Debi Cole


AFSCME 1811PA: Dave Kurtz

AFSCME 2753:

AFSCME 2964:

AFT 772: Mike Sells

AFT 1873:

AFT 4254: Mary Hale

APWU 484:

ATU 883:

ATU 1576:

AWPPW 183:

AWPPW 644: Frank Prochaska

CWA 7800:

CWA 37082:

GCIU 767M:

IAFF 46: Don Schwab

IAFF 1984:

IAFF 3219:

IAFF 3482: Danny Evanger

IAM 130: Dave Volkmann

IAM 751A: Stan Johnson, Bob Neumann, Tom Plummer, Don Shove, Bruce Spalding,    Ron Watson

IAM 751C: Hank Getchman

IAM 751E:

IAM 751F: Jackie Boschok, Jo Marie Schultz


IATSE 154:

IBEW 77:

IBEW 89:

IBEW 191: Darrell Chapman, Jeff Seibert

IBT 38: Janet Craft, Janine Dibble, Chuck Jewell, Bill Trautman

IBT 174:


ILWU 32:

IUOE 286:

IUOE 302:

IW 86:

IW 506:

LADS 1144:

LIUNA 292: Bob Monize, Dan O'Connor, Jim Smith


NALC 791: Jim Reid

OPEIU 8: Suzanne Mode

OPEIU 277:

SEIU 120: Bill Borders

SEIU 1199NW:

SMIU 66:

UA 265:

UBC 562: Ed Triezenberg

UBC 2659:

UFCW 44:


UFCW 1001:

UFCW 1105:


  Jeff Morris, State Representative, 40th District

Carol Stearns, Laborers 292 member

Barb Wise, AFSCME 1811CA

Debi Osborn, Snohomish County Treasurer's Office

Marian Krell, Candidate for Everett City Council

Geri Stokes, AFSCME 1811CA

Liz Loomis, City of Snohomish

Ron Gipson, Everett City Councilman

Marylou Eckart, Saturn of Lynnwood

Mike Eckart, IAM 751C member

Lynn Mane Ender, SEIU 1199NW member

Deana Knutsen, Candidate for Hospital Dist #2 Board

Al Schultz, IAM 751 retired

Christine Romper, SEIU 1199NW member

Julanne O'Brien, SEIU 1199NW member

Mike Letter, Everett Police Officers Association

Greg Ahles, Everett City Employees 113

Troy Elmore, IAFF 3482 member

Tony Stigall, AFSCME 109E member