Snohomish County Labor Council

Minutes of the Meeting of January 24, 2007



††††††††††† The meeting was called to order at 6 PM by President Chapman. The Flag and Presidentís message followed. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as typed and handed out.




  • AFSCME 948: Rhonda Nichols
  • ILWU 32: Jon Hoekendorf
  • IBU/ILWU: David McKenzie
  • SMIU 66: Eric Martinson, Mark Riker
  • IBT 174: Troy Armes, Troy Forsel
  • Wash Tech/CWA: Curt Eidem, Rennie Sawade

†† M/S/C to seat the new delegates who were present. Rennie Sawade, Wash Tech and David McKenzie, IBU/ILWU were sworn in.




  • 1/8/2007 Janet Chalupnik, President, Snohomish County League of Women Voters, thank you for contributing to the printing costs of the 2007 They Represent You pamphlet




Secretary-Treasurer Sells reported that the Board had met at 4:30 PM that afternoon. They passed a budget for 2007, and met with Bill Wickline of IATSE 15 to discuss a request to put the Everett Events Center on the We Do Not Patronize list. A resolution will come to the February meeting. IATSE 15 has had on going problems with Events Center for the past year and a half. The Board also recommended that Leonard Kelly be the SCLC delegate to the WSLC Legislative conference in February.

It was M/S/C to concur in the recommendation for the conference.

The Board will be meeting at 4:30 PM before each Labor Council in February, March and April.




Community ServicesóChris Glenn, SPEEA/IFPTE 2001 reported that they are planning a pre SCLC meeting event for June as a fundraiser. They are contemplating a number of ideas for fundraising. He is seeking more participants for the committee. It was recommended to hold a turkey fry before the June meeting and allocate up to $350.00 to defray expenses. M/S/C to concur.







IAM 751F-Jackie Boschok reported that the IAM had one a representation election for employees of a drug company that dispenses at Boeing.

SEIU 1199NW- Curt Williams reported on organizing among Alaska nurses. They will be getting a card check on this unit.

IFPTE 17-Geoffrey Crofoot updated the delegates on the new chapter at the Snohomish Health District, and talked about the role of the Health Department in maintaining public health and safety. The nurses have already settled there for 5%, 3% and 3% over the next three years with $685 a month toward health care. Their bargaining begins Jan. 29th.


Contract Negotiations

AFSCME 1020-Phedra Quincey asked delegates for support for the contract which the Legislature will be voting on. It has been ratified by the members this last fall and is part of the Governorís budget. She asked delegates to contact their legislators.


Other Local Activity

SEIU 1199NW-Curt Williams gave an update on the lawsuit pending against Providence Hospital regarding its expansion. They are working with a coalition that includes: SPEEA, UFCW 21 and the Washington Citizens Action Network.




††††††††††† Nominations were opened for the following offices for 2007: Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President, Sgt At Arms, Trustee 2 and Trustee 6. No further nominations were made from the previous meeting. It was M/S/C to elect the slate by acclamation. The following officers were elected for two year terms and sworn in by President Chapman:


  • Secretary-Treasurer: Mike Sells, EEA/UTE 772
  • Vice President: Jackie Boschok, IAM 751F
  • Sgt. At Arms: Bob Neumann, IAM 751A
  • Trustee 2: Bob Rommel, SPEEA/IFPTE 2001
  • Trustee 6: Phedra Quincey, AFSCME 1020




Suzanne Moreau, Puget Sound Labor Agency, Snohomish County Director gave an update on activity noting that approximately $4,000 was raised at holiday events including the raffle at the SCLC Holiday Open House, Teamsters Local 38 Holiday party which raised $967.00 the following evening, and from Carl Zapora, United Way President who kicked in $500.00 of United Way funds for emergency relief. She gave out information on unearned tax credit applications and spoke about the Puget Sound Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association.


State Representative Mike Sells, 38th District noted that the Legislature had passed a limited number of bills this far. He reported on a bill he will be prime sponsoring that will tie tax exemptions to employer neutrality in organizing drives. He also noted that he is working on bringing 4 year baccalaureate programs to the area. It is one of the most underserved areas in the State. He also stated that he would be voting to pass the State Employees contract.


Bruce Zeller, Department of Labor & Industries Outreach stated that the department has assigned him to work on better communication with labor organizations. He handed out cards and encouraged delegates to contact him.


Liz Loomis, former Snohomish City Councilwoman and Mayor, reported on her plans regarding up coming elections.


Kurt Schuetz, SPEEA/IFPTE 2001, reported on the Martin Luther King event at which the Mayor of Everett and County Executive spoke. The featured speaker was Dolores Huerta from the United Farmworkers. He thanked the Labor Council for its support.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 PM


Respectfully submitted,



Mike Sells, Secretary-Treasurer








AFSCME 1811:


AFSCME 1811CA: Patty Goins,Gloria Parker



AFSCME 1811PA: Tim Geraghty



AFSCME 948: Randy Kurtz, Michele Stelovich, Robin Windhausen

AFSCME 1020: Phedra Quincey

AFSCME 1355:

AFSCME 2753:

AFSCME 2964:

AFT 772: Mike Sells

AFT 1873:

AFT 4254:

APWU 484:

ATU 883:

ATU 1576: Christine Brydges

GCIU 767M:

IAFF 46:

IAFF 1984:

IAFF 2694:

IAM 130: David Volkmann

IAM 751A: Bob Neumann, Tom Plummer

IAM 751C: Dave Brueher

IAM 751E:

IAM 751F: Jackie Boschok

IATSE 15:Bill Wickline

IBEW 46:

IBEW 77:

IBEW 89:

IBEW 191: Darrell Chapman

IBT 38:

IBT 174:

IBT 763:

IBU/ ILWU: David McKenzie

IFPTE 17: Geoffrey Crofoot

ILWU 32:Paul Larson

IUOE 302:


IW 86:

LIUNA 292: Rodolfo Zavala

NALC 791: Bob James


OPEIU 277:

Pac NW Newspaper Guild:


SEIU 925: Toni Bohan

SEIU 1199NW: Curt Williams

SMIU 66: Joel Merriam

SPEEA: Chris Glenn, Mark Moshay, Bob Rommel, Kurt Schuetz, David Simpson

UA 26:

UBC 562: John Noble, Bob Zappone

UFCW 44:


UFCW 21:


Wash Tech/CWA: Rennie Sawade


Excused Delegates

AFSCME 1811CA: David Ott

AFT 772: Jared Kink, Kim Mead

IAM 751C: Hank Getchman

IAM 751F: Judy Neumann

IBT 38: Tami Brady, Larry Buoy, Mike Campbell, Steven Chandler, Janine Dibble, Samantha Kantak, Leonard Kelley, Barry Lund, Rick Olson

LIUNA 292: Jim Smith

UBC 562: Ed Triezenberg

UFCW 21: Nancy Holland-Young



Liz Loomis

Kathryn Watanabe, AFSCME 109

Bruce Zeller, Department of Labor and Industries