Minutes 3/27/2019 SICLC Delegates Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Jason Redrup. The presidentÕs message was read, and the pledge of allegiance was held.


The minutes from the 2/27/19 meeting was approved.


Michael Schendel, Wash Tech:

Mathew Kirby, IBEW 46:

Paul Galovin, Carpenters Local 70:


The above members were all present and sworn in as delegates to the SICLC.


Suzanne Murphy, SPEEA 2001:  was present and sworn in as a newly elected Trustee.



Amanda Gomez, United Way: Reported on the upcoming Youth & Wellness Fair on May 4th and the need for volunteers.  Amanda added she has sign up sheets for volunteers for Letter CarrierÕs Food Drive on May 11, as well.

Garth Fell, Snohomish County Elections Manager:  Introduced himself, adding that he was a candidate for Snohomish County Auditor. He gave a description of what the auditor does and shared his back ground and why he is running for auditor.

Brian Sullivan, Snohomish County Councilman: Announced that he was running for Snohomish County Treasurer. Brian explained the TreasurerÕs responsibility in County Government. He added that in 1998 he ran for County Treasurer and barely lost but the man he lost to has endorsed him this time around.

Dave Somers, Snohomish County Executive: Reported to the delegates that he and County Councilman Brian Sullivan have been working on a CWA/PLA for the County. Executive Somers stated the County does not have either of these in place and by implementing them it would be a benefit to organized labor and the county. He explained itÕs a two-step process, first he will put it to policy as an Executive order and then Brian Sullivan has volunteered to sponsors it with the County Council and if they pass it, then it becomes law.

Officer Reports

Secretary-Treasurer:  Leonard Kelley reported on the postponement of the Organizing class. He added that Trade UP will be held at Marysville High School and we need volunteers for that, and he also gave an update on the Regional apprenticeship pathways program. Secretary-Treasurer Kelley added that the City of Everett asked us to participate in the 4th of July Parade so we will be doing that again and looking for Union members to participate.

Kelley announced that Union Solidarity at the Seattle Storm game at the Everett arena will be June 21st, and he reminded the delegates that next month we will be having our WorkersÕ Memorial at the courthouse prior to the delegates meeting.

New Business

The Executive Board made a recommendation to endorse Brian Sullivan for Snohomish County Treasurer, the recommendation comes with a second. A vote was taken and passed unanimously.

Reports of Unions

Suzanne Murphy, SPEEA:  Announced they were organizing about 1000 workers in California that used to be employed up here.

Debbie Gath, IBT 38: Announced they were starting negotiations with Grocers in the area and that their members would be wearing buttons. It was asked that when you see them please comment that youÕre happy to shop in a Union store and please avoid the self-check in these stores.

Dan Murphy, WFSE 1020: Announced they have identified 3 finalists for President of Everett Community College. Dan added that when they asked about talking with the finalists on Union issues they were told they didnÕt have time.

Michael Boe, IBT 117: Asked for a moment of silence for a fellow correction officer who lost his life on March 15th.

Gary Kanter, AFM76-493: Stated that his radio show ÒWe Do the Work,Ó is looking for stories to share.

Polagaya Mclaughlin, AFSCME 109: Said that they were close to have a contract at the airport.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:05 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Leonard Kelley







Steve Kofahl, AFGE 3937

Gary Kanter, AFM 76-493

Polagaya McLaughlin, AFSCME 109

Angela Guadamuz, AFSCME 1811CA

Terry VanWyck, AFSCME 1811CA (Excused)

Tyler Verda, AFSCME 1811CA

Steve Nelson, AFSCME 1020

Eric Wiseman, AFSCME 1020

John Sainz, ATU 1576

Joel Hetland, IAM 751A

Wes Heard, IAM 751A

Steven Morrison, IAM 751A

Paul Schubert, IAM 751A

Michael Hill, IAM 751C

Gary Naple, IAM 751C (Excused)

Denise Strike, IAM 751F

Shane VanPelt, IAM 751F

Kai Fuller, IATSE 793

Christine Reid, IBEW 77

Teresa Johnson, IBEW 89 (Excused)

Karen Tegard, IBEW 89

Damien Fisher, IBEW 191

Dan Verda, IBEW 191

Christian Eaglehead, IBEW 191

Gary Kemp, IBEW 191

Debbie Gath, IBT 38

Leonard Kelley, IBT 38

Wendy Garrett-Drake, IBT 38

Michael Boe, IBT 117

Debi Humann, IBT 763

Al Cummins, IUOE 302

Rick Cunningham, IUOE 302

Tony Zempel, IUOE 302

Robert Rahkonen, IUPAT DC 5

Chris Glenn, LIUNA 292

Doug Scott, LIUNA 292 (Excused)

Mike Llewellyn, LIUNA 292

Larry Montgomery, LIUNA 292

Bob James, NALC 791

Nallely Flores, OPEIU 8 (Excused)

Mary Maloy, OPEIU 8

Nancy Nickles, OPCMIA 528

Justin Palachuck, OPCMIA 528

Bob Foster, OPCMIA 528

Jordan Russeff, OPCMIA 528

Joseph Neff, OPCMIA 528

Steve Peloquin, OPCMIA 528

Kathy Pierson, PTE 17

Cynthia Robson, SEIU 1199NW

Hannah Fishman, SEIU 1199NW

Susanne Murphy, SPEEA

Kurt Schuetz, SPEEA (Excused)

Nikolas Geiselman, SPEEA (Excused)





Stacy Eaglehead, IBEW 191

Michael Schendel, WASHTECH

Garth Fell, Candidate for County Auditor

Dave Somers, Snohomish County Executive

Matthew Kirby, IBEW 46

Paul Galovin, UBC 70

Amanda Gomez, United Way