Minutes of 6/21/2021 SICLC Delegates Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM by President Doug Scott.


The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted, and the President’s Message was read.




MMSA – May Minutes by the delegation





The following people were present and sworn in.


            Eric Eulenberg, IATSE 15

            Liz Brown, IBT 763

            Kenneth Fields, IBEW 89




Kristen Rohrenbach introduced Michelle Meaker who will be filling in for her while she’s away on maternity leave.  Michelle spoke about her role as the Labor Liaison and her experience with Labor.



Officer Reports:



Secretary-Treasurer Report:


Secretary Treasurer Kelley reported on the vacant VP Position, he stated Dan Murphy was appointed interim VP until we can have nominations and an election at our August Delegate Meeting. He spoke about the port commission passing a resolution that requires apprenticeship utilization on Port projects, he added he wished David Simpson was present who is a retired SPEEA member and a member of the Port Commission.


He gave an update on the week of action for the PRO Act adding that we will be trying to schedule meetings with Senator Cantwell and Murray’s staff that week.


He reported about the council’s recent audit and how it came back with no findings and was exemplary.  His report included an update on the Whidbey Island Fair and the need for volunteers, swag, literature on organizing, and apprenticeship programs. He reminded everyone that August 12th was Solidarity Night at the AquaSox and that there would be an education committee meeting right after the delegate meeting.




New Business


Secretary Treasurer Kelley reported on the COPE Committee and the process before proceeding with the recommendations.


Endorsements:  The COPE Committee recommends the following candidates, recommendations

                              come with a motion and a second.


                        A Motion was made to accept all recommendations at once. The Motion Passed.                                     A vote to endorse all was taken and passed.


·       Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, Edmonds City Council #3, motion passed

·       Karl De Jong, Sedro Woolley City Council, motion passed

·       Brandy Donaghy, Snohomish County Council #5, motion passed

·       Linda Redmon, Mayor of Snohomish, motion passed

·       Josh Binda, Lynnwood City Council #3, motion passed

·       Erica Knapp, Arlington School Board, motion passed

·       David Flynn, Snohomish City Council, motion passed

·       Ben Briles, Mill Creek City Council, motion passed



Reports of Unions:


Laurel Blaine, IATSE 15:  Gave an update on contract ratification voted with Tri State Staging, she added if the contract passes, they will have at least two shows at Angel of the Wind Arena this Fall.


Debbie Gath, IBT 38: Reported that the Snohomish County Council voted to pass an ordinance giving appreciation pay to grocery workers due to Covid.


Gunnar Birkland, IBT 231:  Reported on contract negotiations with Bellingham Cold Storage adding they had a 30-hour strike to get the company back to the bargaining table and it was successful. He thanked the Labor Council for Strike Sanction against Aramark Laundry. He added that they are getting back to the table and there has been some positive movement.


Anthony Cantu, UFCW 21: Reported that they held a strike authorization vote against Providence Health Care, and it passed.


John Dimas, SPEEA 2001: Reported that Boeing let go of their VP of Government Relations with no explanation.









President Doug Scott, LIUNA 292: Thanked Charlotte and the Trustees for bring us back a great audit of our financial records.


41 participants tonight.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM


Respectfully submitted.


Leonard Kelley






















Dan Murphy, AFSCME 1020

Doug Scott, LIUNA 292

Billy Wallace, LIUNA 292

John Dimas, SPEEA 2001

John Traynor, IBEW 191

Kenny Fields, IBEW 89

Teresa Johnson, IBEW 89

Suzanne Woodard, UFCW 21

Debbie Gath, IBT 38

Kristin Rohrenbach, Washtec/CWA 37083

Gary Kanter, AFM 76-493

Leonard Kelley, AFM 76-493

Charlotte Murry, LIUNA 1239

Michelle Meaker, UWSC (guest)

Gunnar Birkland, IBT 231

Antony Cantu, UFCW 21

Liz Brown, IBT 763

Laurel Blaine, IATSE 15

Polagaya McLaughlin,

Debby Lippincott, RPEC 6

Steve Kofahl, AFGE 3937

Wes Heard, IAM 751A

Shane Van Pelt, IAM 751F

Ralph Knutson, RPEC 6

Stasia Porter, IBT 38

Evan Wipf, SPEEA 2001

Anthony Thompson, IUPAT

Mitchell, Christian, IAM 751F

Michael Holman. AFSCME 948

Benjamin Briles, SPEEA 2001

Christine Reid, IBEW 77

Owl Eulenberg, IATSE 15