Minutes of 5/26/2021 SICLC Delegates Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM by acting President Shane Van Pelt.


The pledge of allegiance was conducted, and the President’s Message was read.




MMSA – April Minutes by the delegation





The following people were present and sworn in.


            Debra Hodges, IBEW 77

            Greg Lopata, IBEW 191



Officer Reports:



Secretary-Treasurer Report:


A financial report was given, and he reported on the efforts to get a booth at the Whidbey Island Fair.  He added we also have started our first ever Scholarship Fund for RAP Students and sent over the applications to the RAP Director for students to apply.



New Business


Secretary Treasurer Kelley reported on the COPE screening committee and the process before proceeding with the recommendations.


Endorsements:  The COPE Committee recommends the following candidates, recommendations

                              come with a motion and a second.


·       George Hurst, Lynnwood Mayor, motion passed

·       Luke Distelhorst, Edmonds City Council #2, motion passed

·       Jenne Alderk, Bothell City Council #3, motion passed

·       Rami Al-Karbra, Bothell City Council #7, motion passed

·       Han Tran, Bothell City Council #1, motion passed

·       Joyce Copley, Lake Stevens City Council #2, motion passed

·       Paula Rhyne, Everett City Council #2, motion passed



Reports of Unions:


Gary Kanter AFM 76-493 & Suzanne Woodard UFCW 21:  Reported on a new labor resource group in the 10th LD


Debbie Gath, IBT 38: Thanked everyone for their support of their hazard ordinances taking place in the county. Debbie added that this will be Steve Chandler’s last meeting as he is retiring after 39 years as a Teamster.


Teresa Johnson, IBEW 89:  Reported on their contract negotiations with Ziply Fiber


Anthony Cantu, UFCW 21: Thanked everyone who showed up on their day of action at Providence Hospital, he added they are in negotiations with PCC Market in Snohomish, and it is not going well.


Jim DeCaro, IBEW 46: Shared that they are in negotiations with NECA and that they are far apart on economics and even handwashing stations.


Gary Kanter, AFM 76-493: Reported that if anyone needs music at any of their actions to contact him.


Laurel Blaine, IATSE 15: Reported they are signing a contract which will give them jobs at Angel of the Wind Arena for certain concerts. Laurel spoke about the passing of Brother Tom McConnell and his acting career. A video of Tom’s Honey Nut Cheerios commercial was played for the delegates.


Steve Chandler, IBT 38: Reported that Teamsters Local 38 agreed to give out 4 scholarships to high school seniors, he added they were in negotiations with Rubatino Garbage, Everett Steel, AGC and Crown Distributing.


A moment of silence was held for the 8 ATU members that were killed earlier today and for Brother Tom McConnell.




47 participants tonight.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:40PM


Respectfully submitted.


Leonard Kelley








Michael Hall, IBEW 89

Ralph Knutson, RPEC 6

John Traynor, IBEW 191

Steve Chandler, IBT 38

Larry Montgomery, LIUNA 292

Nate Sugg, AFSCME 1811-CA

Michael Hill, IAM 751A

Stasia Porter, IBT 38

Kai Fuller, IATSE 793

Brian Butler, IAM 751

Steve Kofahl, RPEC #6

Troy Stansel-Gardner, AFSCME 1020

Mitchell Christian, IAM 751F

Teresa Johnson, IBEW 89

Paul Galovin, UBC 70

Anthony Cantu, UFCW 21

Debby Lippincott, RPEC #6

Polagaya McLaughlin, ASFCME 109

Greg Lopata, IBEW 191

Kristin Rohrenbach, CWA/WashTec

Wes Heard, IAM 751A

Joe Ruth, IAM 751C

Shane Van Pelt, IAM 751F

Ryan Johnson, IBT 38

Michael Pena, Pilchuck UniServ

Steve Oss, ATU 883

Maria Goodall, UFCW 21

John Klosterman, IBT 38

Debbie Gath, IBT 38

Evan Wipf, SPEEA 2001

John Dimas, SPEEA 2001

Laurel Blaine, IATSE 15

Christine Reid, IBEW 77

Spencer Burris, IAM 751A

Jeff Forbes, SPEEA 2001

David Simpson, SPEEA 2001

Steven Morrison, IAM 751

Gary Kanter, AFM 76-493

Leonard Kelley, AFM 76-493

Wendy Garrett-Drake, IBT 38

Kenny Fields, IBEW 77

Liz Brown, IBT 763

Deborah Hodges, IBEW 77

Jim DeCaro, IBEW 46

Suzanne Woodard, UFCW 21

Michael Holman, AFSCME 948