Minutes 4/24/2019 SICLC Delegates Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM by President Jason Redrup. The Pledge of Allegiance was held, and the PresidentÕs message was read.

The minutes from the 3/27/19 meeting was approved.


There were no new delegates to be sworn in.


Amanda Gomez, United Way:  Gave an update on the Wellness Fair and the need for volunteers. Amanda added that the engagement coordinator and labor liaison position was close to being filled.

Congressman Rick Larsen, US Congress:  Gave an update on the new Congress and being part of the majority. He spoke on the Raise the Wage Act which would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024, saying that the current Federal minimum wage is $7.24. He mentioned that they had passed out of the House the Paycheck Fairness Act which is for equal pay for equal work. He added they have passed this over to the Senate and they are trying to have an infrastructure spending package put together by July, noting that the President promised a one trillion-dollar budget for improving infrastructure and he wants to help him keep that promise. He ended his comments by address the WorkersÕ Memorial, where the names of 88 workers who were killed on the job in 2018 were read, saying that we need to make sure the laws that protect workers need to be protected.

Officer Reports:

WSLC President Report:  Larry Brown was in attendance. Larry thanked us for the invite to the WorkersÕ Memorial and the DelegatesÕ Meeting. He reported that a bill that they had been working for 10 years had finally gotten passed.  The bill provides for uninterrupted breaks for healthcare workers, not just nurses but all healthcare workers. It means a great deal for not just for worker safety, but patient safety. Larry stated that when he ran for office, he campaigned on providing more support for the CLCÕs so they have put together a CLC summit for June 21st and planning for the State Convention was under way and it will be held in Seattle.

Secretary Treasurer:  Leonard Kelley reported on the Trade UP event that was held earlier in the day adding that 130 Juniors and Senior in High School participated. Dan Murphy added that today was his first-time volunteering, and everybody should volunteer. Kelley added that the next scheduled Trade UP is October 1st.

Kelley reported that at 4:30 PM today with several of the Construction Trade representatives present, County Executive Somers signed a PLA/CWA agreement.

He added that the booth at the Penn Cove Water Festival has been postponed since they didnÕt respond to our e-mails in a timely manner.  The good news is that a meeting has been scheduled for May 6th with union members in Oak Harbor to discuss what the adding of Island County to our Charter effects them and how we can start to have a Labor presence out there.

COPE Interviews are scheduled for May 21st and 28th, if your local doesnÕt have a member on the Executive board please try and find a representative to be there.


Reports of Unions:

Bob James, NALC 791:  Reminded us of the Letter CarrierÕs Food Drive on May 11th.

Debbie Gath, IBT 38:  Reported they just opened negotiations with Canteen, and just finished Stanwood Redi-Mix driversÕ contract. Still in negotiations is Everett Housing Authority, adding they have had 4 negotiation sessions with retail clerks where they represent 2,800 members as well.  Debbie added that McKesson Drug is closing their 128th street facility and moving it to Puyallup, as disappointing as it is, t they were able to get the employees a good severance package. Debbie also gave some great news; that after 16 years of trying, they had finally organized Durham School Bus Drivers.

Nallely Flores, OPEIU 8: Reported that they are still in negotiations with Providence hospital and getting nowhere.

Dan Murphy, WFSE 1020:  Reported that at the last meeting none of the 3 candidates for President of the College were going to meet with the Union.  He added that he was so proud of their representative because at an open forum he was the first person to pop out of their seat to ask a question. Asking each one of the candidates what their experience with Unions was and what their position was on collective bargaining.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:05 PM


Respectfully submitted.

Leonard Kelley

Secretary Treasurer







Steve Kofahl, AFGE 3937

Gary Kanter, AFM 76-493 (Excused)

Angela Guadamuz, AFSCME 1811CA

Terry VanWyck, AFSCME 1811CA (Excused)

Tyler Verda, AFSCME 1811CA

Anna Gavin, AFSCME 1811CA

Steve Nelson, AFSCME 1020

Eric Wiseman, AFSCME 1020

Dan Murphy, AFSCME 1020

Troy Stansel-Garner, AFSCME 1020

John Sainz, ATU 1576

Brian Butler, IAM 751A

Mark Clark, IAM 751A

Jason Redrup, IAM 751A

Wes Heard, IAM 751A

Paul Schubert, IAM 751A

Michael Hill, IAM 751C

Gary Naple, IAM 751C

Denise Strike, IAM 751F

Shane VanPelt, IAM 751F

Kai Fuller, IATSE 793

James DeCaro, IBEW 46

Matthew Kirby, IBEW 46

Teresa Johnson, IBEW 89

Karen Tegard, IBEW 89

Dan Verda, IBEW 191

Gary Kemp, IBEW 191

Christian Eaglehead, IBEW 191

Steven Chandler, IBT 38

Debbie Gath, IBT 38

Wendy Garrett-Drake, IBT 38 (Excused)

Michael Boe, IBT 117

Debi Humann, IBT 763 (Excused)

Al Cummins, IUOE 302

Rich Cunningham, IUOE 302

Chris Glenn, LIUNA 292

Doug Scott, LIUNA 292

Mike Llewellyn, LIUNA 292

Larry Montgomery, LIUNA 292

Billy Wallace, JR, LIUNA 292 (Excused)

Bob James, NALC 791

Nallely Flores, OPEIU 8

Tara McIntosh, OPEIU 8

Elizabeth Maass, OPEIU 8

Nancy Nickles, OPCMIA 528

Justin Palachuck, OPCMIA 528

John Shannon, SEIU 1199NW

Cynthia Robson, SEIU 1199NW (Excused)

Sabrina Snow, SEIU 1199NW (Excused)

James Gillan, SPEEA 2001

Kurt Schuetz, SPEEA 2001

Mohammed Khan, SPEEA 2001

Paul Galovin, UBC 70

Fidencio Velasco, UBC 70



Stacy Eaglehead, IBEW 191

Rick Larsen, US Rep WA -02

Amanda Gomez, United Way

Terra Sabaj, Rep LarsenÕs Office