Minutes of 10/28/2020 SICLC Delegates Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:02 PM by President Jason Redrup.

The pledge of allegiance was conducted, and the President’s Message was read.



            A motion was made to accept the minutes from the previous meeting, the motion passed.




The following people were present and sworn in by Vice President Doug Scott:


            Judith Elenes, IBEW 77




Secretary-Treasurer: (Leonard Kelley) The Secretary Treasurer’s report covered the texting program and the videos that were made by delegates from our endorsed candidates. A few delegates spoke on the ease and fun of the texting program and how they preferred it to phone banking for the “Get Out and Vote,” and persuasion piece of our political program. The rest of the report was turned over to Mark Ryker, President of the Washington State Building Trades and a delegate from Sheet Metal Workers, Local 66.


Mark reported on the recent apprenticeship utilization ordinance passed by the Snohomish County Council.  Mark stated that this ordinance was the best in the state and probably one of the top in the country, adding that this will ensure county projects provide good apprenticeship opportunities and will hold contractors accountable for fulfilling their apprenticeship utilization or they won’t be able to bid on future county projects. Mark added that the Labor Council contacted him when this opportunity came to light and he wanted to thank Stacy Martin from LIUNA 292 for all his hard work and John Traynor from IBEW 191.  Mark also acknowledged that County Council Member Megan Dunn championed this ordinance from the county council side.


WSLC President Larry Brown was in attendance via ZOOM, Larry stated that an ordinance like this getting passed was attributed to al the work the Labor Council does in Snohomish County and that it is something we should be proud of. Larry added that the AFL-CIO’s priority is going to be Organizing and Advocating; getting laws changed to make it easier for people to join a union.  He stated that President Trumka believes we can double the size of the labor movement in 5 years.


Larry also spoke about the importance of the Supreme Court and rulings they can make that could possibly affect the election, he added that at one time there were 25 Supreme Court Justices.



New Business


A Motion was brought before the body from the Executive Board in support of a resolution that would call for a nation-wide strike if there was not a peaceful transition of power in the Presidential election. After some discussion a vote was taken, and the motion passed.







Reports of Unions:


IATSE 15: Laurel Blaine – Reported that the Everett Public Facilities District needs a replacement on their board, and we need to get a labor friendly board member appointed.


United Way Liaison: Kristen Rohrenbach – Gave an update on the Labor Advisory Committee meeting and future potential plans.


IBEW 89: Teresa Johnson – Added that the Labor Advisory Committee needed to nail down the budget and would be scheduling a meeting soon.   


IBEW 77: Christine Reid – Reported that the week of November 8th is National Apprenticeship Week.


IBT 117: Michael Boe – Reported that contract negotiations for correctional officers were ongoing and that a 3% salary decrease was still on the table.


 44 participants tonight.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:46 PM


Respectfully submitted


Leonard Kelley




















Polagaya McLaughlin, AFSCME 109

Shane Van Pelt, IAM 751F

David Simpson, SPEEA 2001

Larry Montgomery, LIUNA 292

Susanne Murphy, SPEEA 2001

Michael Hill, IAM 751C

Leonard Kelley, IBT 38

Debbie Gath, IBT 38

Gunnar Birkeland, IBT 231

Laurel Blaine, IASTE 15

Teresa Johnson, IBEW 89

Michael Boe, IBT 117

Doug Scott, LIUNA 292

Dan Murphy, AFSCME 1020

Wes Heard, IAM 751A

Al Cummins, IUOE 302

Jonelle Fenton-Wallace, ProTec 17

Joseph Ruth, IAM 751C

David Simpson, SPEEA 2001

Brian Butler, IAM 751A

Billy Wallace, LIUNA 292

Mike Llewellyn, LIUNA 292

Juliet D’Alessandro, ProTec 17

Shawn Stewart, UFCW 21

Wil Peterson, UFCW 21

Jason Redrup, IAM 751A

Steve Kofahl, AFGE 3937

Jacob McConkey, IAFF 3219

Roger Walker, IAM 751A

Jim DeCaro, IBEW 46

Michelle Hetzel, AFSCME 948

Steven Morrison, IAM 751A

John Dimas, SPEEA 2001

Joel Hetland, IAM 751A

Angela Guadamuz, AFSCME 1811-CA

Nallely Flores, OPEIU 8

Justin Fox Bailey, Pilchuck UniServ

Gary Naple, IAM 751C

Nichole Reedy, IBEW 77

Jeffrey Forbes, SPEEA 2001

Michael Holman, AFSCME 948

Mark Clark, IAM 751A

Randy Davis, Pilchuck UniServ

Michael Schreck, IBEW 191