Minutes of 10/27/2021 SICLC Delegates Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:06 PM by President Doug Scott.


The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted, and the President’s Message was read.




MMSA – September Minutes by the delegation




The following people were present and sworn in.


            Devin Leingang, SMART 66

            Sam Hem, SMART 66

            Angela Guadamuz, WFSE 795

            Joe Verda, IBEW 191

            Darrel McLaughlin, IBEW 191

            Nick Billmyer, IBEW 191

            George Vasquez, IBEW 191

            Richard Murray, IBEW 89



Officer Reports:


President Report:


President Scott announced that Secretary-Treasurer Leonard Kelley has officially announced his retirement effective September 29th, 2021. The Executive Board met shortly after the announcement to appoint an Interim Secretary-Treasurer until we can have a special election. Because of the timing, it was decided to run the Special Election for this position at the same time as our normal election cycle, which starts in December with nominations and a vote in January 2022 at the delegate meeting.  The Executive Board voted to make Charlotte Murry, Interim Secretary-Treasurer until the end of January 2022.


            We will be taking nominations for the following positions in December:


            President, Sergeant of Arms, Trustee 1, Trustee 3, and Trustee 5, and Secretary-Treasurer


Interim Secretary-Treasurer Report:


The COPE Committee had a very productive meeting, which started the process of creating a Local Political Agenda for the region.  Next meeting November 8th at 6 pm


The Education Committee had a meeting to discuss having a joint workshop on Race & Labor with the Washington State Labor Council.  It was decided to wait until February to host this event. Next meeting November 10th at 6 pm

Marysville’s School District has invited Interim Secretary-Treasurer Murry to participate in their General Advisory Committee for CTE. She stated she was excited for the opportunity to help mold future educational opportunities for students in our region.


She also reported on the Aerospace Task Force Meeting and a presentation around the work being done at Eviation Aircraft, in the Arlington Industrial Complex with electric commuter plane development and their Alice prototype.  They also announced in that meeting that Eviation has already received an order for 12 aircraft to be delivered in 2024 for DHL, a cargo transport company.


Interim Secretary-Treasurer Murry also asked for delegates to submit union members for Veteran’s Day recognition.  She then reported that we have received a grant for $1250 to put toward a new laptop for the council from the CLC Network and that many of our endorsed candidates are looking for last minute help with their campaigns and would appreciate the extra help. 


It was announced that Silvertips Solidarity Night is back on in 2022. It will be February 4th and we will be also manning the Huck-a-Puck and 50/50 Raffle, with the proceeds going to our SICLC Hardship Fund.


Lastly, just a reminder to support our Hardship Fund by signing up for Amazon Smile. The Link for signing up is on our website at: www.snolabor.org


Remember to get those Ballots in; Nov. 2 is Tuesday!!!




Reports of Unions:


David Simpson, Retired SPEEA:  Wanted to thank everyone for the support during this election.


Dan Murphy, WFSE 1020:  Please check out the SICLC website, there is a lot of good

                                                 information out there. www.snolabor.org


Doug Scott, LIUNA 292:  Reported that President Scott and Interim Secretary-Treasurer Murry

                               had a good meeting with Congresswoman DelBene about many topics

                  important to Labor.


Paul Galovin, UBC 70:  Paul updated us on the Carpenter Strike, saying they did ratify a new

                                          contract for a 3-year term. 



Teresa Johnson, IBEW 89:  Wanted to expand on the redistricting and reported that there is a

committee and website for additional information, there was a meeting for comment at 4:30 today.



Billy Wallace, LIUNA 292:  Redistricting maps are now going to the State Supreme Court for

Final consideration since the Committee could not come to consensus in time.


Trevor Smith, LIUNA 292: Confirmed what his brother Billy Wallace reported.




53 participants tonight.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:33 PM


Respectfully submitted.


Charlotte Murry

Interim Secretary-Treasurer