Snohomish County Labor Council

Minutes of the Meeting of September 23, 2009


  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Chapman. The flag salute and reading of the meeting purpose followed. Minutes of the meeting of July 22nd meeting were approved as handed out.





   The delegates were not present. No action was taken on seating.




  Secretary-Treasurer Sells reported on the National Aerospace Training Center in Wichita that he visited in early September. He also discussed local impacts of recent national news on the organization ACORN.

  Recommendations from the COPE Screening Committee were presented, and acted on. The recommendations came from the COPE Screening committee to the floor with a motion and second:





M(Ramsey, IBU)/S(McKenzie, IBU)/C to remove from the table a motion to endorse Kim Cole for Lynnwood City Council, Position 1.

M/S/C to endorse Kim Cole for Lynnwood City Council, Position 1




Organizing—CWA , Rennie Sawade, reported that WashTech successfully organized “Washington State Network Services”, which includes Network Technicians throughout the state and Engineers from the NOC (Network Operations Center) in Redmond. This brings in 141 new union members.



Contract Negotiations—ATU 1576, Rick Jurkovic reported the local had a tentative agreement with Community Transit after almost two years without a contract.  SPEEA/IFPTE 2001, Bob Rommel discussed the negotiations with Boeing in Wichita. A contract offer to the two units was turned down by a 92% and 93% vote. They have currently gone into mediation.




   Diane McDaniel and Jason Haenel, No on I-1033 campaign spoke to the devastation the initiative could cause with local budgets. They will be seeking monetary and volunteer help to get the word out on the campaign. Mike Cooper, Snohomish County Councilman, District 3 gave an update on the lack of county revenue, and discussed his recent battle with a rare blood cancer. The cancer is an occupational hazard for firefighters. Cecelia Wilson thanked the Council for its well qualified rating of her husband, Joe Wilson, for Superior Court Judge. Deborah Wright, Campaign Manager for Ray Stephanson thanked the Council for its endorsement. Suzanne Moreau, Snohomish County Director of the Puget Sound Labor Agency thanked delegates for recent support on the United Way Day of Caring at KSER. She reported that Toni Bohan, SEIU 925, was given the United Way Spirit of Labor Award this year. Delegates stood to recognize Toni for her work. Ms. Moreau thanked Machinists, SPEEA and Teamsters for their help with this year’s back packs for school children project. 3,400 packs were given out. The next event is the Shop for a Cause event on October 17th at the Macy’s at the Everett Mall. Help will be needed with the event.





AFSCME 109S: No Delegate


AFSCME 1811:


AFSCME 1811CA: Patty Goins, Terry VanWyck


AFSCME 1811JS: No Delegate


AFSCME 1811S: No Delegate

AFSCME 881: No Delegate

AFSCME 948: Randy Kurtz

AFSCME 1020: Eric Wiseman

AFSCME 2753: No Delegate

AFSCME 2964: No Delegate

AFT 772: Mike Sells

AFT 1873:

APWU 484: No Delegate

ATU 883:

ATU 1576: Rick Jurkovic

AWPPW 183:

AWPPW 644: No Delegate

GCIU 767M:

IAFF 46:

IAFF 1984: No Delegate

IAFF 2694: No Delegate

IAM 130:

IAM 751A: Jason Redrup

IAM 751C:

IAM 751E: Ron Bradley

IAM 751F: Garth Luark


IBEW 46:

IBEW 77: Peg Chrisman

IBEW 89:

IBEW 191: Jason Armstrong, Darrell Chapman

IBT 38: Janine Dibble, Rick Olson

IBT 174:

IBT 231:

IBT 763:

IBU/ ILWU: Robin Ramsey, David McKenzie


ILWU 32:

IUOE 302: No Delegate


IW 86:

LIUNA 292: Dan Christofferson, Doug Scott

NALC 791:


OPEIU 277:

Pac NW Newspaper Guild:


Plumbers and Pipefitters 26: No Delegate


SEIU 925: Toni Bohan, Donna Chrisman

SEIU 1199NW:

SMIU 66:

SPEEA: James Gillan, Chris Glenn, Bob Rommel, David Simpson

UBC 562: Guy Johnson, Ed Triezenberg

UFCW 44: No Delegate

UFCW 141, USNU: No Delegate

UniteHere: No Delegate

Wash Tech / CWA: Rennie Sawade


Excused Absences

AFSCME 1811: Bill Keenan, James Trefry

AFT 772: Kim Mead

IAM 751A: Don Shove

IAM 751F: Jackie Boshok

IBT 231: Leonard Kelley

NALC 791: Bob James



Mike Cooper, Snohomish County Council

Juan Cruz, LIUNA 292

Jason Haenel, AFSCME International/No on 1033

Sophia Jones, SPEEA

Diane McDaniel, IBEW 46/ No on 1033

Suzanne Moreau, PSLA

Jim Smith, LIUNA 292

Cecelia Wilson, Joe Wilson for Judge