Snohomish County Labor Council

Minutes of the Meeting of May 26, 2010


  The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Chapman. The flag salute followed. A short recess was called for to honor Vice President, Jackie Boschok, who is retiring from her job with Machinists 751. Vice President Boschok received a thank you from President Chapman and presented with a plaque. She spoke on her history with labor and the Machinists. This was followed by the call back to order, the reading of the meeting purpose and approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.





M/S/C to seat the new delegates who were present. The following delegates were sworn in: Keith Jacobson, ATU 883; Kim E. Dove, IAM 751A, and Mark Samuelson, IBEW 46.




 Candidates: Lillian Kauffer, State Senate Candidate, 44th District thanked the Council for its support and endorsement. She spoke to her support for issues affecting labor, and the need for change in Olympia. Jim Kenney, Candidate for Snohomish County Prosecutor noted he received the Democratic nomination and thanked the Council for its well-qualified ranking. Eleanor Walters, Candidate, 39th District State Representative spoke on her work history and membership in a union before moving on to management. She wants to be a strong working class advocate in Olympia.




  Secretary Treasurer Sells stated that the focus for the meeting would be jobs. He spoke about several jobsí bills coming up in this Congress. He discussed the request for calls to Washington legislators concerning the Jobs Act currently in Congress.  He introduced Diane McDaniel, IBEW 46, to talk about Referendum 52. She explained it would provide bonding for over $500 million and would result in thousands of jobs for the trades in fixing school energy and safety needs. She is currently working on fundraising for the referendum.

  Secretary-Treasurer also discussed the Initiative 1082 aimed at turning over injured worker compensation to private insurers, and the AFL/CIO resolution on immigration. Delegates were asked to carry the information back to their locals.




OrganizingLeonard Kelley, IBT 231, gave an update on a recent case involving a worker dismissed for union activity.


Contract negotiationsSue Klinker, Painters Dist. 5, reported they are in negotiations now with Drywall contractors. She mentioned a surprise asbestos check at the Everett Housing Authority that showed 22 citations. EHA has fired the contractor.

  Ray Egelhoff, IBEW 89, reported that the FCC had approved the sale of Verizon land line business to Frontier. Their contract expired May 22nd, and they have started negotiations. The company is asking for a number of take backs.

  Steve Chandler, IBT 38 reported on ratification of three contracts, and noted they are currently in negotiations with Coca Cola in Marysville. They are jointly negotiating their grocery agreement with UFCW 21. Negotiations with Haggins and Everett Pipe and Steel start in June.

  Mark Samuelson, IBEW 46, reported they are currently working on small shop negotiations.


Other local activityJackie Boschok, IAM 751F, reported on fundraising activities by IAM 751 to benefit Guide Dogs of America. They are: Ninth Annual Flight for Sight Fun Run & Walk  at the Everett Boeing Activity Center on June 5th; The 8th Annual Puppy Putt motorcycle ride starting at the Harley Davidson in Marysville and Lacey on June 19th; The August 14th Steel & Wheels Supershow of incredible cars and bikes at the IAM 751 Parking lot, 8729 Airport Road; and the Machinists Union Liberty Bowl at Glacier Lanes in Everett on Sept. 12th.

  Guy Johnson, UBC 562, reported on the Carpenters in Action project to raise awareness of the need to hire qualified and professional contractors.

  John Gage, IAFF 46, reported that IAFF Local 46 members would be collecting funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association on June 5th. They go out to busy areas and ask people to fill empty boots with donations each year. He also thanked the community and labor for its recent support of the EMT levy.




  Leonard Kelley, IBT 231, SCLC representative to statewide COPE, reported on the statewide COPE meeting and some of the controversy with this yearís endorsements. Jason Redrup, IAM 751A, SCLC delegate to statewide COPE noted it was one of the more interesting COPE endorsement conventions. There were concerns from different unions for a number of different reasons over legislative candidates this time. He mentioned that the Workers Privacy Act was still in the mind of many Machinists. Randy Kurtz, AFSCME 948, SCLC delegate to statewide COPE stated he felt the time frame for making decisions made it a little difficult in dealing with some races. He pointed out that as a state employee when the economy goes bad the demand for state services grow. That makes the state cut backs and furloughs that much more difficult to deal with.





M/S/ to recommend the endorsement of Eleanor Walters for State Representative, 39th District, Pos. 1.  (Final action is taken at the next meeting.)




  Jason Redrup, IAM 751A, discussed going to D.C. to meet with Congressional members regarding the tanker contracts. It is going to need a lot of work to get it there.




  President Darrell Chapman, IBEW 191, encouraged people to attend the Rep. Larsen fundraiser on June 2nd.     

  Jim Smith, Laborers retired, discussed the KSER Radio Labor Journal programs.

  Suzanne Moreau, Puget Sound Labor Agency, reported that the recent Letter Carriers Food Drive in Snohomish County netted over 338,000 lbs of food. She gave out the forms for the United Way Spirit of Labor Award. She outlined the upcoming partnerships for school back packs this fall. She asked for help in selling parking spaces on Saturday at 5 PM during the Carrie Underwood conference at the Events Center.

  Don Shove, IAM 751A briefly reported on United Way budget processes, and the struggle with having the needed funds.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:21 PM


Respectfully submitted,



Mike Sells, Secretary-Treasurer






AFSCME 109S: No Delegate


AFSCME 1811:


AFSCME 1811CA:Gloria Parker, Terry VanWyck


AFSCME 1811JS: No Delegate

AFSCME 1811PA: Tim Geraghty

AFSCME 1811S: No Delegate

AFSCME 881: No Delegate

AFSCME 948: Randy Kurtz

AFSCME 1020: Eric Wiseman

AFSCME 2753: No Delegate

AFSCME 2964: No Delegate

AFT 772: Mike Sells

AFT 1873:

APWU 484: No Delegate

ATU 883: Keith Jacobson

ATU 1576: Christine Brydges, Rick Jurkovic

AWPPW 183:

AWPPW 644: No Delegate

GCIU 767M:

IAFF 46: John Gage

IAFF 1984: No Delegate

IAFF 2694: No Delegate

IAM 130: David Volkmann

IAM 751A: Kim Dove, Jason Redrup, Don Shove

IAM 751C:

IAM 751E:

IAM 751F: Jackie Boshok, Tina Wilson


IBEW 46: Mark Samuelsen

IBEW 77:

IBEW 89: Ray Egelhoff

IBEW 191: Darrell Chapman

IBT 38: Tammi Brady, Steven Chandler, Janine Dibble, Rick Olson

IBT 174:

IBT 231: Leonard Kelley

IBT 763:



ILWU 32:

IUOE 302: No Delegate

IUPAT DC 5: Sue Klinker

IW 86:

LIUNA 292: Dan Christofferson 

NALC 791: Bob James


OPEIU 277:

Pac NW Newspaper Guild:


Plumbers and Pipefitters 26: No Delegate


SEIU 925: Toni Bohan

SEIU 1199NW:

SMIU 66:

SPEEA: Lynn Burow, James Gillan, Chris Glenn, Bob Rommel

UBC 562: Guy Johnson

UFCW 44: No Delegate

UFCW 141, USNU: No Delegate

UniteHere: No Delegate

Wash Tech / CWA: Rennie Sawade


Excused Absences

AFSCME 1811CA: Patty Goins

LIUNA 292: Doug Scott

SPEEA: Sandy Hastings

UBC 562: Ed Triezenberg



Juan Cruz, LIUNA 292

Lillian Kaufer, Candidate for 44th District Senator

Jim Kenny, Candidate Snohomish County Prosecutor

John Lehman, Jr., UBC 562

Tom McConnell, IATSE 15

Diane McDaniel, IBEW 46

Darrel McLaughlin, IBEW 191

Miquel Perry, PNWRCC

Jim Smith, LIUNA 292

Eleanor Walters, Candidate 39th District House