Snohomish County Labor Council

Minutes of the Meeting of July 22, 2009


The meeting was called to order by President Chapman at 6:00 PM, followed by the Flag salute, and the reading of the meeting purpose. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as word processed and handed out.




            M/S/C to seat the new delegates who were present. Bill Keenan, James Trefry, AFSCME 1811 and James Gillan, IFPTE 2001 were sworn in.




  Secretary-Treasurer Sells reported that much of the month was taken up with issues regarding Boeing, and recent reports. He has been trying to keep delegates up on issues via e mail.

  The COPE Screening Committee had met on July 2nd and July 21st. As a result, six recommendations came before the full Council for action. Acting on an endorsement requires a 2/3 majority vote. Each recommendation came with a motion and a second. The recommendations were:




Organizing—AFSCME Council 2, Bill Keenan reported on organizing activity at the Sno Isle Library. IAM 751, Jackie Boschok reported on organizing at an aerospace company in Idaho.  They filed for the election with a good margin. The company terminated 3 people, and threatened the workers with a move to the south. As a result, workers were scared into voting no.


Contract Negotiations—IBEW 89, Ray Egelhoff discussed the selling of Verizon to Frontier. Frontier recently asked employees to take twelve furlough days and then put up $6 billion to acquire Verizon. They believe they are not a viable company and have been fined for inadequate service in New Hampshire. ATU 1576, Rick Jurkovic reported that the local has now been 19 months without a contract at Community Transit. They will go to interest arbitration in September, and have filed some unfair labor practices under violations of the standard operating procedures. IUPAT5, Sue Klinker reported that they had wrapped up an agreement with the Everett Housing Authority. AFSCME 1811, Bill Keenan, reported on problems in negotiating with the City of Lynnwood. A contract had been extended through 2007, but they could not get agreement beyond that. The city, under a previous mayor, hired an attorney out of Yakima who had worked to keep unions out. That same attorney was hired by the new mayor, Don Gough, for negotiations and ultimately paid $262,000. A tentative agreement has finally been reached, however. James Trefry reported that the local is working with the Washington State Nurses Association and the Snohomish Health District to deal with severe funding issues. They may be asking the Snohomish County Council soon for dedicated funding.


Other Local Activities—IBEW 191, Darrell Chapman, reported on the use of poker tournament by the local at the Angel of the Winds Casino to raise funds for charity.




  M/S/C to re-establish the Community Services program.


  M/S/C to seek funding to support sending Radio Labor Journal representative, Jim Smith, to cover the Washington State Labor Council convention.




  Jim Smith, Labor Radio Journal, KSER mentioned the concert for health care at the Riverside Tavern in Snohomish at 8 PM this evening with Anne Feeney. Ray Egelhoff, IBEW 89, introduced a local member, Joel Conklin, who may become a delegate. Toni Bohan, SEIU 925, spoke to the COPE process and encouraged those locals with interest as to endorsements to make sure they have someone on the screening committee; ‘We need to hear concerns at that level before recommendations come to the floor.” Bob Rommel, IFPTE/SPEEA 2001, announced the availability of the AquaSox Solidarity Day tickets for the August 5th game. Guy Johnson, UBC 562 requested that a hat be passed to help with funding for the Radio Labor Journal. Chris Glenn, IFPTE/SPEEA spoke in defense of unions, and his concern about the hits they have been taking lately.   Suzanne Moreau, Puget Sound Labor Agency, reported that with donations, the PSLA Turkey Fry took in $2,218.00. She thanked Sheriff Lovick for his help and donation of time to help put it on.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM


Respectfully submitted,



Mike Sells, Secretary-Treasurer






AFSCME 109S: No Delegate


AFSCME 1811: Bill Keenan, James Trefry


AFSCME 1811CA:Terry VanWyck


AFSCME 1811JS: No Delegate


AFSCME 1811S: No Delegate

AFSCME 881: No Delegate

AFSCME 948: Randy Kurtz

AFSCME 1020: Eric Wiseman

AFSCME 2753: No Delegate

AFSCME 2964: No Delegate

AFT 772:  Jackie Minchew, Mike Sells

AFT 1873:

APWU 484: No Delegate

ATU 883:

ATU 1576:Rick Jurkovic

AWPPW 183:

AWPPW 644: No Delegate

GCIU 767M:

IAFF 46:

IAFF 1984: No Delegate

IAFF 2694: No Delegate

IAM 130:

IAM 751A: Jason Redrup, Don Shove

IAM 751C:

IAM 751E:

IAM 751F: Jackie Boshok, Tina Wilson


IBEW 46:

IBEW 77: Peg Chrisman, John Cunningham, Jackie Rae

IBEW 89: Ray Egelhoff

IBEW 191: Darrell Chapman, Robert Ellsworth

IBT 38:  Janine Dibble

IBT 174:

IBT 231:

IBT 763:

IBU/ ILWU: Robin Ramsey, David McKenzie


ILWU 32:

IUOE 302: No Delegate

IUPAT DC 5: Sue Klinker

IW 86:

LIUNA 292: Doug Scott

NALC 791:


OPEIU 277:

Pac NW Newspaper Guild:


Plumbers and Pipefitters 26: No Delegate


SEIU 925: Toni Bohan, Donna Chrisman

SEIU 1199NW:

SMIU 66:

SPEEA: James Gillan, Chris Glenn, Bob Rommel, David Simpson

UBC 562: Guy Johnson UFCW 44: No Delegate

UFCW 141, USNU: No Delegate

UniteHere: No Delegate

Wash Tech / CWA:


Excused Absences

AFSCME 1811CA: Patty Goins, Gloria Parker

AFT 772: Kim Mead

IBT 231: Leonard Kelley

UBC 562: Ed Triezenberg

Wash Tech/ CWA: Rennie Sawade



Kimberly Cole, Candidate for Lynnwood City Council

Cynthia Edgar, AFSCME 948

Adrienne Fraley- Monillas, AFSCME 341, Candidate for Edmonds City Council

Jim Smith, LIUNA 292