Snohomish County Labor Council

Minutes of the Meeting of August 28, 2013


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Chapman. The flag salute and reading of the meeting purpose followed. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as posted.




Š      IAM 751C: George Wilson

Š      IBEW 77: Arlene Cunningham

Š      IBT 117: Terry Hutchins and Darrin Norton

Š      IUPAT DC 5: Jim Mudd

Š      OPEIU 8: John O’Keefe

Š      SPEEA: Suzanne Kamiya-Harding


M/S/C to seat the new delegates that were present. George Wilson, IAM751C and Arlene Cunningham, IBEW 77 were sworn in.


State Representative, Cindy Ryu, 32nd District, thanked the Council for past support for her campaigns and discussed her commitment to working people.


Lillian Ortiz-Self, Chair of the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs was introduced to the Labor Council and briefly spoke to her commitment to helping working people. She is a member of the WEA.


The meeting took a short recess.



Secretary-Treasurer Sells reported that the Executive Board met on August 22nd and took action with regard to COPE contributions and event recruitment. He also noted that the Board had asked to get the Facebook page up and running. It is called the Official Snohomish County Labor Council page because an individual, who did not have the authority to do so, has opened up a Snohomish County Labor Council page. In addition, the Board has asked him to look into the possibility of a Worker Center for this area. He reported that the Board authorized bringing on Leonard Kelley, IBT 38, as a Membership Education and Recruitment Coordinator.

Leonard Kelley spoke to local election help that will be needed and an upcoming protest rally in Seattle on September 5th at the Seattle Sheration Hotel from 5 PM to 7 PM. The right wing “think tank”, Washington Policy Center, is bringing Gov. Scott Walker to Washington State.



Organizing—SPEEA, Sandra Hastings reported that organizing of training pilots at Boeing is still continuing. Boeing is trying to move the pilots to a “right to work” state. She also noted efforts to start an area Coalition of Labor Union Women group. For further information, she could be contacted at 425-346-3398.


Contract Negotiations—IAM 751C, Jason Redrup, updated the Council on the negotiations for a group of electronic techs at Boeing. The negotiations were finished satisfactorily.

IUOE 302, Rich Cunningham, reported that they had ratified a good agreement on Friday with CEMEX.

IBEW 89, Teresa Johnson, reported that tough negotiations with Frontier is continuing.


Other Local Activities—IAM 751C, Jason Redrup, reported on a community meeting at the Everett Station on August 27th to get an update on WSU Everett. He explained how the growth of engineering programs through WSU will help with the Triple 7 competitiveness needed for our area.




Ann Seabott, Wash Tech, United Way Labor Committee, updated delegates on the Day of Caring. The Labor Committee is working on getting 20 volunteers for work on Garfield Park, Saturday, Sept. 14th in the morning.

Mike Sells, EEA/UTE 772, reported on the capital budget help from the state on building a WSU Everett campus. As a state legislator he was involved with that process and thanked the Capital Budget Chair, Hans Dunshee for his leadership on it.

Jim Smith, LIUNA 292, Radio Labor Journal, encouraged delegates to listen to the program via the web streaming available at  The program is available for two weeks after the initial broadcast.

Darrel McLaughlin, IBEW 191, reported that there will be two picnics available on Labor Day. One is in Seattle at Woodland Park and the other is in Burlington. He also noted that on September 5th there would be a march in late morning at the Renton Wal Mart.

Darrell Chapman, IBEW 191, reported on the UFCW 21 action at the Fred Meyer in Lynnwood. He stated that the grocery negotiations are looking to take away all health care. The pickets were informational.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:43 PM


Respectfully submitted,



Mike Sells, Secretary-Treasurer



AFSCME 109: Polagaya McLaughlin


AFSCME 109S: No Delegate


AFSCME 1811:



AFSCME 1811JPD: No Delegate

AFSCME 1811JS: No Delegate


AFSCME 1811S: No Delegate

AFSCME 435: No Delegate

AFSCME 881: No Delegate

AFSCME 948: Randy Kurtz

AFSCME 1020: Eric Wiseman

AFSCME 2753: No Delegate

AFSCME 2964: No Delegate

AFT 772: Mike Sells

AFT 1873:

APWU 484: No Delegate

ATU 883: No Delegate

ATU 1576:

GCIU 767M: No Delegate

IAFF 46: John Gage, Paul Gagnon, Don Schwab, John Tanaka

IAFF 1828: No Delegate

IAFF 1984:

IAFF 2694: No Delegate

IAM 130:

IAM 751A: Jason Redrup

IAM 751C: Christopher Louie, George Wilson

IAM 751E:

IAM 751F:


IBEW 46:

IBEW 77: Arlene Cunningham, Jackie Rae

IBEW 89: Teresa Johnson

IBEW 191: Darrell Chapman, Darrel McLaughlin

IBT 38: Leonard Kelley

IBT 117: Michael Boe

IBT 174: No Delegate

IBT 231: Rich Ewing

IBT 763: No Delegate


IUOE 302: Rick Cunningham


IW 86: No Delegate

LIUNA 292: Doug Scott, Jim Smith

NALC 791: Bob James


Pac NW Newspaper Guild: No Delegate

Plumbers and Pipefitters 26: No Delegate

PTE 17:

SEIU 6: No Delegate

SEIU 925: No Delegate

SEIU 1199NW: No Delegate

SMIU 66:

SPEEA: Lynn Burow, James Gillan, Sandy Hastings

UBC 70:

UFCW 141, USNU: No Delegate

UniteHere: No Delegate

Wash Tech / CWA: Ann Seabott



Excused Absences

IAM 130: Ron Harrell

LIUNA 292: Chris Glenn

NALC 791:


Pac NW Newspaper Guild:

Plumbers and Pipefitters 26:

SPEEA: Bob Rommel, David Simpson

UBC 70: Ed Triezenberg



Lillian Ortiz-Self, Chair of the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs

?ly Ruiz, IAM 751A

Cindy Ryu, House Representative 32nd District