Minutes of SCLC Meeting

June 22, 2016


Meeting called order at 6:01 PM by President Jason Redrup. Flag salute was held and the presidentÕs message was read.

A motion and a second was made to accept the minutes of the previous meeting.


Katrina Ondracek, Candidate for State Representative in the 44th District Position 2

Katrina stated she is currently going after the seat held by Mark Harmsworth. Katrina talked about how she and Harmsworth differ and she talked about her recent interview with the Seattle Times where Representative Harmsworth said heÕs not there to work on social issues.  She stated  thatÕs why sheÕs here is to work on social issues. Katrina talked about her career at the United Way and she talked about her involvement with their programs to break the cycle of poverty. She stated she understands the importance of education and union jobs, and the importance of protecting union jobs. She said her husband is a Boeing Machinist, so she understands the importance of unions protecting workers.

Luis Moscoso, Candidate for State Senate in the 1st Legislative District.

Luis introduced himself and stated heÕs ready for the Senate, he served in the House of Representatives the last six years., He stated that he got the labor bug back in 1976 and hasnÕt left labor since then. Luis stated the biggest problem heÕs having this year is that a Democrat in name only is running against him. He added his opponent is receiving lots of big business anti-labor contributions. Luis stated he needs a fight this by getting lots of individual contributions to support his campaign. He thanked us for allowing him to speak and promised to be a strong voice for labor and working families in the Senate.



Secretary TreasurerÕs report.

Secretary-Treasurer Kelley reported on the upcoming fairs and festivals where the Labor Council will have a booth.  He expressed the need for volunteers for July 11th and 12th at the Millcreek Festival and August 13th and 14th the Festival of the River in Arlington. He asked the delegates to please sign up.

He shared a video on the ŌTrade UpĶ program produced by the Snohomish County United Way. Secretary-Treasurer Kelley talked about how in a very short period of time the program has become well-known and well received. He thanked the United Way for putting the video together.

Secretary-Treasurer Kelley talked about the Labor Neighbor program and how we are going to start early this year. ItÕs important that we get out and protect elected officials that work for working families. The plan includes targeting the 44th Legislative District and County Councilman Hans Dunshee race. He then passed around a sign-up sheet so delegates could volunteer for Labor Neighbor.

Reports of Unions.

Charlene Rawson, Wash Tech,  reported that her union had met with both Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell in regards to TPP. She reported that the hot buttons for the two senators was enforcement of the agreement and that they both thought it was up to going to come to a vote on the floor this year.

Contract Negotiations.

Mark Clark, IAM 751A, reported that the Machinists had finally gotten a contract with Triumph in Spokane.

New Business

A motion came before the body from the Executive Board that automatically comes with second to endorse Rico Tessandore for Superior Court Judge. The Motion Passed unanimously.

A Motion came before the body from the Executive Board that automatically comes with a second to endorse Katrina Ondracek for Representative in the 44th Legislative District. The motion passed unanimously.

A motion came before the body with a second from the Executive Board to endorse Proposition 1. After much discussion a vote was held and passed by a two thirds majority.

Good of the Order

Betty Welsh, Snohomish County United Way Labor Engagement Manager, WashTech, reported that the United Way thanked everyone for turning out on the Letter Carriers Food Drive. Over 235,000 pounds of food was collected which is enough for 183,000 meals. The Peanut Butter Drive collected 8,000 pounds of Peanut Butter and we beat all the other Councils except Pierce. Betty reported that our underwear drive is starting for local youth in need. We are collecting underwear for ages 6-14 and they can be dropped off here at the Labor Temple. She reminded the body of Solidarity Night August 4th .

Charlene Rawson, Wash Tech, invited everyone to walk with the 38th  District Democrats in the 4th of July Parade and to wear your Union colors.

President Redrup reminded everyone there would be no July meeting.

The Meeting was adjourned at 7:04 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Leonard Kelley, Secretary-Treasurer










AFSCME 109: Polagaya McLaughlin


AFSCME 109S: No Delegate


AFSCME 1811: Bill Keenan

AFSCME 1811C: No Delegate

AFSCME 1811CA: Patty Goins, Ellen Powell, Terry VanWyck

AFSCME 1811JPD: No Delegate

AFSCME 1811JS: No Delegate


AFSCME 1811S: No Delegate

AFSCME 435: No Delegate

AFSCME 881: No Delegate


AFSCME 1020:

AFSCME 2753: No Delegate

AFSCME 2964: No Delegate

AFT 772: 

AFT 1873:

APWU 484: No Delegate

ATU 883:

ATU 1576: John Sainz

IAFF 46:

IAFF 1828:

IAFF 1984: No Delegate

IAFF 2694: No Delegate

IAFF 3916: No Delegate

IAFF 4118:

IAM 130:  

IAM 751A: Spencer Burris, Brian Butler, Mark Clark, Joel Hetland, Jason Redrup

IAM 751C: Michael Hill

IAM 751E: Ron Bradley

IAM 751F: Denise Strike


IBEW 46: James DeCaro

IBEW 77: Jackie Rae

IBEW 89:  Teresa Johnson

IBEW 191: Kenneth Frey 

IBT 38: Leonard Kelley

IBT 117:

IBT 174: No Delegate

IBT 231:

IBT 763: No Delegate

IUOE 302: Rick Cunningham

IUPAT DC 5: Robert Rahkonen

IW 86: No Delegate

LIUNA 292: Chris Glenn, Doug Scott, Jim Smith

NALC 791: Bob James,

OPEIU 8: Phyllis Naiad

Plumbers and Pipefitters 26: No Delegate

PTE 17:

SEIU 6: No Delegate

SEIU 925: No Delegate

SEIU 1199NW: No Delegate

SMIU 66:

SPEEA: Lynn Burow, James Gillan, John Lynn, Susanne Murphy, Robert Sutton

UBC 70: 

UFCW 141, USNU: No Delegate

UniteHere: No Delegate

Wash Tech / CWA: Charlene Rawson, Ed Triezenberg, Betty Welsh


 Excused Absences

AFSCME 1811CA: Janay Jagar

IBT 117: Michael Boe

NALC 791: Chris Kelly

PTE 17: Kathy Pierson

SPEEA: Sandy Hastings, David Simpson




Katrina Ondracek, Candidate 44th District House, Pos. 2

Luis Moscoso, Candidate 1st District Senate

Susan Ronken, Campaign Manager Luis Moscoso for Senate