Minutes of 5/24/2017 Snohomish County Delegates Meeting

The Meeting was called to order at 6:02 PM by President Jason Redrup, IAM 751.

The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted and the PresidentÕs message was read.

A motion and a second were made to accept the minutes from the previous meeting.              The motion passed unanimously.


Shane Van Pelt IAM 751 F, was present, a motion and second were made to accept his credentials and Shane was sworn in as a delegate.


County Councilman Terry Ryan spoke, he stated he really stopped by to say Hi and gave short update on the finances of the County. Terry shared a story about how he became a County Councilman at the advice of his Father. Terry added he has an opponent in his upcoming race and he plans to doorbell the heck out of his district.

Secretary Treasurers Report

Leonard Kelley reported that volunteers are needed to staff the booths at the upcoming Fairs we are participating in this summer. The first one is in July 8th and 9th in Millcreek and the second one is August 12th and 13th at Festival of the River, in Arlington.

Leonard reported that he was disappointed to report that Darby Frye was leaving the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center and that theyÕre looking for a replacement.

He added that this is Public Works appreciation week and that he was fairly sure all public works employees in Snohomish County are Union members so thank them for the work they do when you see them.

Reports of Unions

Tom McConnell IATSE 15, reported on IATSE struggles, but added they have gotten their shows off without injury and on time.

Polygaya McLaughlin AFSCME 109 reported they are experiencing a very unfriendly administration with Snohomish County. They have to deal with outsourcing, having their jobs replaced by seasonal workers, and managers misinterpreting the contract.

Terry Van Wyck AFSCME 1811CA reported they just organized 6 probation officers for district court.

Charlene Rawson Wash Tech/CWA reported they had a 3 day strike at AT & T on May 22nd. She added the biggest sticking points to their contract were outsourcing jobs and medical.

Eric Wiseman AFSCME 1020 reported that all state workers were getting layoff notices.

Teresa Johnson IBEW 89, reported that they are still in negotiations with Frontier Communications and currently operating under a successorship clause, negotiations are not going well. She added they had an informational picket on May 13th, which received lots of community support.

Valencio Valasco with Carpenters Local 70 reported they are doing a couple of informational pickets, one which is Funco; which is hiring and paying sub-standard area contractors. He added the CarpentersÕ have a lot of work coming up and not enough people to do the work. Please send interested people there way, especially non-union carpenters.

Cynthia Robson SEIU 1199NW, reported still a slow process with Providence in negotiations, they are only offering a 1% raise.

Eric Wiseman asked who sat on the COPE endorsement committee; President Redrup introduced the Committee members.

Good of the order

Mohammed Kahn SPEEA announced he was running for Mukilteo City Council, Position 1.

Gary Kanter AFM, reported the Labor endorsement candidate for Mayor of City of Stanwood has no opposition.

Doug Scott LIUNA, shared that Jim Smith is in the hospital and to keep him in our thoughts.

Joel Heitland IAM 751 shared the information about Machinist sponsored car show, all the proceeds from this event goes to Guide Dogs of America.

Betty Welsh, Washtech, United Way Labor Engagement Manager, reported that the labor council was responsible for 6,900 pounds of peanut butter contributions. We exceeded last yearÕs total.

Betty asked for Volunteers for Project Homeless Connect on July 20th. She stated they need volunteers for a variety of positions.

Bob James NALC, thanked the Labor Council for their efforts and help with the letter carriers food drive.

The Meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted Leonard Kelley Secretary Treasurer.