SCLC Minutes 12/2/2015

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 PM by President Redrup, IAM 751, followed by the flag salute and the reading of the meeting purpose. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as posted.



Patty Goins: AFSCME 1811CA

John Randolph, Angela Guadamuz, Rhonda Nichols:AFSCME 948

M/S/C to seat the new delegates that were present.

New Business

A.   Nominations for Executive Board 2016 positions that are up for election.

President:  Jason Redrup, 751A, was nominated by Jackie Rae, IBEW 77

Trustee 1:  Rick Cunningham, IUOE 302, was nominated by Al Cummins, IUOE 302

Trustee 3: Ed Triezenberg, WashTech, was nominated by John Lehman, UBC 70

Trustee 4: Michael Boe, IBT 117, was nominated by Jake Morgan, IBEW 77

Trustee 5: Bob James, NALC 791, was nominated by Ed Triezenberg, WashTech


Good of the Order


Betty Welsh, WashTech, Labor Engagement Manager, spoke about upcoming Toys for Tots volunteer opportunities.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:22 PM for Holiday Party