Snohomish County Labor Council

Minutes of the Meeting of December 10, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM followed by the Flag salute and reading of the PresidentŐs message. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as posted.




á      IAFF 46: Jason Brock

á      IAM 751A: Shannon Ryker

á      IBT 117: Terry Hutchins, Darren Norton

á      SPEEA: Susanne Murphy, Robert Sutton, Kenneth Ware


M/S/C to seat the delegates who were present. Susanne Murphy and Robert Sutton of SPEEA were sworn in.




Nominations for two year terms were opened, and will be opened again at the January 2015 meeting followed by voting of the delegates. The following nominations were made:


á      Secretary-Treasurer: Leonard Kelley, IBT 38

á      Vice President: Doug Scott, LIUNA 292

á      Sgt At Arms: Darrel McLaughlin, IBEW 191

á      Trustee 2: John Lynn, SPEEA; Susanne Murphy, SPEEA

á      Trustee 6: Jackie Rae, IBEW 77




Betty Walsh, United Way Labor Relations, updated the delegates on the Toys for Tots. There will be a picking up of toy boxes this weekend, with sorting going on at the old VFW hall on Saturday, December 13th until 3:30 PM. Delegates were invited to participate.


Sec. Treas. Sells made the official announcement of his impending retirement from the Labor Council on December 31, 2014.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:10 PM for a Holiday Party.


Respectfully submitted

Mike Sells, Sec. Treas.