Minutes of SCLC DelegateŐs Meeting   8/22/2018

The Meeting was called to order at 6:01 PM by President Jason Redrup. The PresidentŐs Message was read and the Flag Salute was held.


A motion to accept the minutes from the June 27th meeting was made and the motion carried.



There were no delegates present to be sworn in.




Scott Marshall, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage: Scott gave a report on changes to the Union Plus program that includes additional savings to Union members. Scott offered to attend Union meetings so members can be made aware of the program.


Amanda Gomez, United Way Labor Liaison:  Gave a update on the Labor Advisory Committee, she mention that we donated over $3000.00 in back to school supplies for elementary age students to various communities. Amanda added the committee donated $9000.00 to homeward house. The next Labor advisory committee meeting will be held on September 17th at 5:00 PM. This is a change from our normal 2:00 PM meeting thus allowing other people to participate.


Liz Vogeli, Candidate for Everett City Council:  gave an update on her campaign. Liz talked about the importance of Unions and her family members that are Union members and asked for the support of the Labor Council.


Rebecca Wolfe, Candidate for Snohomish County PUD Commissioner district 2:  was present to introduce herself to the delegates.  Rebecca stated she works as a teacher and has been following the P.U.D for 12 years and has decided to transition out of teaching and do more public education on better energy policies. She stated she has not been happy with the way PUD has spent and wasted money.


A short break was taken to allow the guest to leave.


Secretary -TreasurerŐs Report

Leonard reported on the Everett 4th of July parade and the labor booths at the Mill Creek Festival and Festival of the River in Arlington. He added that last year we set a record for Solidarity Night at the AquaSox with 1403 attending and this year we topped that with 1726 union members attending.




New Business

Leonard reported on the upcoming Labor Day March and Block Party being held at the Labor Temple. He announced the list of activities going on that day and shared a commercial thatŐs being aired on KRKO advertising the dayŐs events. Leonard added that the IBEW Trailer and the IAM Van will be participating in the march.


Leonard reported that the executive Board had approved adding Island County to our Charter. He added that it was brought to his attention that Island County was not listed in the Jurisdiction of any Labor Council and it only made sense for Snohomish and Island to work together. To make this happen it needed to be voted upon by the delegates so before them was a motion and a second coming from the Executive Board to add Island County to our Constitution, Leonard reported that this would have to be approved by the AFL-CIO after a vote by the delegates. A vote was held to add Island County and it passed unanimously.


Jake Morgan, IBEW 77: announced that their local had endorsed Sid Logan for Snohomish County PUD Commissioner District 1. Jake read a letter from Sid Logan detailing his experience with organized labor and asking for an endorsement from the Labor Council. A motion and second were made to endorse Sid Logan for PUD commissioner was made. The motion will be voted on at our next delegates meeting. A motion and second was made to endorse Liz Vogeli for Everett City Council. The motion will be voted on at our next delegates meeting.

A vote was taking to support the fire firefighterŐs resolution that was presented at the May delegates meeting. The motion to support the EMS levy for fire District 1 passed.


Good of the Order

Jim Decarro, IBEW 46:  reported they settled their contract which included a 6% pay increase.


Michael Boe, Teamsters 117: reported that they had just voted down the contract offer from the State for correction officers. He added that the offer was rejected by 98% of the voting members. Michael reported that the contract was going to interest arbitration.


Jake Morgan, IBEW 77:  reported that after the Janus decision they had only one person withdraw.


John Sainz, ATU 1576: reported that to date only had 1 person at Community Transit and 3 people at Island Transit had withdrawn.


Debbie Gath, Teamsters Local 38: reported that they had organized 35 workers that are shuttle drivers for the Railroad. Debbie added that UPS will be voting on their contract in mid-September with ballots counted in October. She added that they will be voting a contract for the administrative staff for Fire district 7. Debbie reported that they had organized Cadman High Rock Dump Truck in Monroe.


Jason Redrup, IAM 751: reported they had won an arbitration case against Boeing, the case involved a paint facility in Oregon that Boeing claimed that it wasnŐt one of their facilities. They lied so the arbitrator ruled that the employees automatically fall under the Machinists collective bargaining agreement.


Debbie Gath, Teamsters 38: presented a Check for $250.00 for the Labor Day March and Block Party.


Larry Montgomery, LIUNA 292: reported that the laborers had 6 or 7 members attend the Stanwood School Board meeting in support of the teachers that are out on strike, Larry stated the Stacy Martin gave a report to the board stating that the school district had not been reporting their apprenticeship utilization numbers.


Gary Kanter, AFM 76-493: reported that he would be doing a show this Saturday at CafŽ Zippy, he added that he would be unveiling some new songs, ŇThe Ballad of Mark JanusÓ and ŇEfŐin the Freedom Foundation.Ó


The Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Leonard Kelley

Secretary Treasurer

























Gary Kanter, AFM 76-493

Polagaya McLaughlin, AFSCME 109

Angela Guadamuz, AFSCME 1811CA

Terry Van Wyck, AFSCME 1811CA

Tyler Verda, AFSCME 1811CA

Dan Murphy, AFSCME 1020

Eric Wiseman, AFSCME 1020 (EXCUSED)

Rick Swartz, ATU 883 (EXCUSED)

John Sainz, ATU 1576

Jason Redrup, IAM 751A
Wes Heard, IAM 751A

Paul Schubert, IAM 751A

Gary Naple, IAM 751C (EXCUSED)

Denise Strike, IAM 751F

James DeCaro, IBEW 46

Jacob Morgan, IBEW 77

Christine Reid, IBEW 77

Teresa Johnson, IBEW 89

Karen Tegard, IBEW 89

Christian Eaglehead, IBEW 191 (EXCUSED)

Debbie Gath, IBT 38

Wendy Garrett-Drake, IBT 38

Michael Boe, IBT 117

Debi Humann, IBT 763

Robert Rahkonen, IUPAT DC5

Doug Scott, LIUNA 292

Mike Llewellyn, LIUNA 292

Larry Montgomery, LIUNA 292

Bob James, NALC 791

Nallely Flores, OPEIU 8

Mary Maloy, OPEIU 8

Tara McIntosh, OPEIU 8

Kathy Pierson, PTE 17

Susanne Murphy, SPEEA 2001

Kurt Schuetz, SPEEA 2001

Robert Sutton, SPEEA 2001

Riley Fay, UBC 70