Minutes of Delegates Meeting 4/25/2018


The meeting was called to order at 6:01 PM by President Jason Redrup. The pledge of allegiance was conducted and the Presidents message was read.


A motion and a second were made to accept the minutes from the previous meeting. The motion passed.



There were no new delegates to be sworn in.



Nicole, a worker at Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital:

She was working with Union Organizers from SEIU 1199NW and reported that when she talked with another worker about forming a Union at work she was fired two hours later. Another worker from the same employer reported that she was also fired for talking about forming a Union at their workplace. She stated that she had been out of work for 3 weeks. Sabrina Snow, a business representative from SEIU 1199NW, added that unfair labor practice charges had been filed and they were meeting with a Labor Board agent the next day. Sabrina added there is a sign-up sheet for interested delegates to be updated on the status of the campaign.


A motion and a second were made to pass a hat and take a collection for the 3 workers that were fired. Motion passed and a hat was passed, $527.00 was collected.


Ivan Lewis; former fire fighter and business owner:

Announce he was running for State Representative in the 39th Legislative District. Ivan stated he is running for the position to fight for working families and would like our support. The position he is running for has an open seat.


Stephanie Thomas, Labor Liaison for Snohomish County United Way:

Stephanie reported on the Wellness Fair being held on May 5th and the need for volunteers. She added they still need 115 volunteers for the letter carriers food drive on May 12th.


A five minute break was taken to allow the delegates to talk to the guests.


Secretary Treasurer:

Secretary-Treasurer, Leonard Kelley reported on the Trade Up event that was held on April 24th at Cascade High School. He shared an email from one of the high school participants on how much they appreciated the event and how much they learned. He added that they will be holding another Trade Up event tomorrow at Marysville High School.


He added that today is Professional Administrators day and thanked Charlotte for her hard work.


He reminded the delegates that on May 1st, we will be having a May Day Barbecue from 5:00 Š 6:30 PM out in the parking to celebrate the original Labor Day.


An update was giving on the plans for a Labor Day parade, he added that after a meeting with the City of Everett, by calling it a march instead of a parade would simplify the process and cut costs.


Leonard added that there was an interesting article on the internet regarding Paul RyanÕs pension that the delegates might want to look up.


He announced the upcoming COPE interviews being held on May 7th and May 14th , adding that if any union wants to participate that doesnÕt have a representative on the Executive Board,  feel free to send a representative.


He also reminded everyone of the Letter Carriers Food Drive and the need for volunteers and it was also announced that the Peanut Butter drive was under way and to bring donations to the next meeting.


Jeff Johnson, WSLC president:

Jeff thanked the delegates for the invite, the good food and commented that the idea of a march on Labor Day is exciting. He added that there are two things he wanted to talk about and the first was labors hard work in the special election allowing us to have a labor and working family majority in the State Senate. He stated for the first time in 5 or 6 years some real meaningful pro-labor legislation was passed. Jeff passed out the voting record of our state legislators on labor issues.


Jeff spoke on the clean energy initiative they have been working on for the last couple of years thatÕs now in the signature gathering phase and the importance of it to labor and how he feels it will grow our movement stronger and create jobs. He stated we are facing an environmental crisis, that is affecting the severity of forest fires and that our oceans are getting more acidic. Jeff added that when an environmental crisis occurs, it also creates an economic crisis. People lose their jobs and income, their property and homes. Initiative 1631Õs structure puts labor at the table with a strong voice on how we deal with these issues. Jeff talked about the structure of a Carbon Fee on businesses. It creates three funds; one, a clean energy fund that is co-chaired by a Labor and Business person appointed by the Governor. Secondly, creates a fund for displaced workers for training and lost wages. They also built in peer counselling for displaced workers so they can talk to someone who has been through the experience themselves. 


New Business

Leonard reported the AFL-CIO has mandated that we start each meeting with statement of zero harassment tolerance and that we appoint a person to handle claims of harassment and discrimination. He added that Polygaya McLaughlin from AFSCME had volunteered. A motion and second was made to appoint Polygaya. The motion passed.



Fidencio Velasco, UBC 70; reported that they had just filed for a NLRB election with Dawson construction up in Bellingham.


Good of the order


Joel Hetland, IAM 715; reported he had raffle tickets for their grand lodge. First Prize is 14 gold coins. The raffle benefits their grand lodge.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:11 PM




Leonard Kelley








Polagaya McLaughlin, AFSCME 109

Angela Guadamuz, AFSCME 1811CA (Excused)

Terry VanWyck, AFSCME 1811CA

Steve Nelson, AFSCME 1020

Dan Murphy, AFSCME 1020

Troy Stansel-Garner, AFSCME 1020

John Sainz, ATU 1576

Brian Butler, IAM 751A

Joel Hetland, IAM 751A

Jason Redrup, IAM 751A

Wes Heard, IAM 751A

Steven Morrison, IAM 751A

Paul Schubert, IAM 751A

Michael Hill, IAM 751C (Excused)

Gary Naple, IAM 751C (Excused)

Guerdon Ellis, IAM 751E

Denise Strike, IAM 751F

Kai Fuller, IATSE 793

James DeCaro, IBEW 46

Christine Reid, IBEW 77 (Excused)

Teresa Johnson, IBEW 89

Karen Tegard, IBEW 89

Damien Fisher, IBEW 191

Dan Verde, IBEW 191

Christian Eaglehead, IBEW 191

Gary Kemp, IBEW 191

Tammi Brady, IBT 38

Debbie Gath, IBT 38

Wendy Garrett-Drake, IBT 38

Michael Boe, IBT 117

Debi Humann, IBT 763

Bill Albin, IUOE 302

Al Cummins, IUOE 302

Rick Cunningham, IUOE 302

Tony Zempel, IUOE 302

Chris Glenn, LIUNA 292

Doug Scott, LIUNA 292

Mike Llewellyn, LIUNA 292

Larry Montgomery, LIUNA 292

Bob James, NALC 791

Mary Maloy, OPEIU 8

Kathy Pierson, PTE 17

John Shannon, SEIU 1199NW (Excused)

Cynthia Robson, SEIU 1199NW (Excused)

Sabrina Snow, SEIU 1199NW

James Gillan, SPEEA

Susanne Murphy, SPEEA

David Simpson, SPEEA (Excused)

Fidencio Velasco, UBC 70