Minutes of April 26th 2017 Delegates meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Jason Redrup. A motion was made to accept the minutes from the previous meeting, vote was held and passed.


Gary Naple IAM 751 C, Christine Reid IBEW77, Steve Morrison IAM 751A was present. A motion was made to accept their credentials, vote held and passed. The new delegates were sworn in by WSLC President Jeff Johnson.

Secretary-Treasurer/ State Officer Report

WSLC President thanked the delegates for the workers memorial we do adding there are hundreds of them around the country, and that it’s very important that we do them. He also commented that he notice that half the workers who lost their life on the job were 60 years old or older and noticed that 25% were immigrant workers.

Jeff added they have formed a coalition called the “Health care is a human right coalition” with roughly 85 other organizations made of Labor, faith based and health care. They are putting pressure on Congressman that might support doing away with the affordable care act.

Jeff invited everyone to attend the unveiling of their community mural on Sunday.

He reported they are having two trainings on racial justice with a national figure “Bill Fletcher” and that we are welcome to attend. He added they are having a summit with other Labor Councils from California and Oregon on June 29th to fight right to work. He reminded everyone of the convention in July 18th -20th.

Secretary Treasurer Leonard Kelley reported on the upcoming fairs that we will be having booths at and stressed the need for volunteers.

He shared a communication from the WSLC on their awards they give out yearly and that nomination’s need to be in by June 1ST.

Secretary Treasurer reported on the next trade up event which is being held tomorrow, he asked one of the delegate’s whose daughter participated to share what her daughter had told her. Kelley added the last Trade Up event made the front page of the Everett Herald.

Reports of Unions

Charlene Rawson, Washtech. ATT is being difficult and their members had been advised to apply for strike relief.

John Sainz ,ATU 1576. Reported that they had finally ratified a first contract with Island County Transit by a vote of 49-1.

Brian Butler IAM 751A: Reported they were getting cards employees at Jubalin Hollister Pharmaceuticals .He added they just got their first contract with Cadence Giddins

Eric Wiseman AFSMCE: Reported they were happy that their brothers and sister union members with the State Patrol received in their contract.

John Shannon, SEIU Healthcare. Thanked all the delegate’s and Unions that showed up for their informational picket with regards to their contract negotiations with Providence.

Good of the order

Betty Welsh, WashTech, United Way Labor Engagement Manager. Reported that the last day to bring in donations for the Peanut Butter drive is May 12th. She added the next day is the letter carriers food drive and that this is the 29th year of the drive. 250,000 pounds is the goal and that supplies the local food banks with half of all the food that is collected in the year. Betty added the 15% of the people in Snohomish County have an income of less than $35,000 and that’s poverty level and that one out of three was a child under the age of 3. Volunteers are encouraged to show up at May 13th at 10:00 AM at the post office.

The Meeting was adjourned at 6:53 PM. Respectfuly submitted Leonard Kelley

Secretary Treasurer



Eric Wisman ; AFSCME 1020

John Sainz:    ATU 1576

Gary Kanter: AFM

Polagaya McLaughlin: AFSCME109

Angela Guadamuz: AFSCME 1811A

Terry Van Wyck

Michael Hill: IAM 751C

James DeCaro: IBEW 46

Christine Reid: IBEW 77

Teresa Johnson: IBEW 89

Damien Fisher: IBEW191

John Traynor

Tammi Brady: IBT 38

Debbie Gath

Leonard Kelley

Michael Boe: IBT 117

Rick Cunningham: IUOE 302

Chris Glenn: LIUNA 292

Doug Scott

Jim Smith

Bob James: NALC 791

Kathy Pierson: PTE 17

John Shannon: SEIU 1199NW

Cynthia Robson

Shannon Snow

Lynn Burow:SPEEA 2001

Mohammed Khan

Susanne Murphy

Robert Sutton

Fidencio Denis Velasco: UBC 70

Charlene Rawson: Wash Tech/CWA

Ed Triezenberg

Betty Welsh