Snohomish County Labor Council, AFL/CIO

Minutes of the Meeting of February 25, 2004


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President pro tem Jackie Boschok followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Chris Glenn, SPEEA was appointed to sit in the Vice President’s chair. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as typed and handed out. 



  • AFSCME 109E: Darrell Smith
  • AFSCME 113: Cameron Johnson
  • IAFF 2694: Todd Cole
  • IBEW 46: Bill Mirand
  • IBEW 89: Ray Egelhoff
  • SMIU 66: Joel Merriam

M/S/C to seat the delegates who were present. The following were sworn in: AFSCME 109E: Darrell Smith and AFSCME 113: Cameron Johnson




            Secretary Treasurer Sells reported on that Executive Board had recommended the passage of the budget with a 4¢ per capita increase. It will be voted on at the March meeting. He also reported that he had received an e mail from the Snohomish County Republican Party Vice Chairman, Steve Neighbors, thanking us for the information regarding contacting the labor council for COPE endorsements. Secretary-Treasurer Sells noted the importance of maintaining an open and fair process.

            The Secretary-Treasurer introduced the new Snohomish County Labor Agency Director, Suzanne Moreau. Suzanne is the former Drug and Alcohol Substance Abuse Liaison for the Washington State Labor Council.





Community Services


Nancy Holland-Young, Executive Director of the Puget Sound Labor Agency and Ron McGaha, President reported on the current status of Operation Shortfall. They also talked about planning a recognition event for Bill Borders in April. Ron McGaha spoke on the efficiencies to be gained from shared services between King and Snohomish County Labor Agencies.




Education Committee


            Greg Powell, IAM 751C, reported that the Education Committee would be meeting every Tuesday at the Everett Public Library in the coffee shop at 6 PM. They are working on revitalizing the Labor Journal.




The Secretary-Treasurer reminded delegates of the following COPE meeting dates when candidates will be available to talk with them.

Feb 26th 2 PM Mark Sidran

March 3, 10 AM Ron Sims

March 10, 12 Noon, Christine Gregoire

            Chris Glenn, SPEEA discussed recent meetings with area legislators in Olympia. He also discussed the idea of getting labor delegates to the County Democratic Convention together to work on a labor platform.

            Eric Wiseman, AFSCME 1020, talked about the recent Town Meeting hosted by Hans Dunshee in the 44th District. He felt a loud and clear message needed to be sent for politicians to reach across the aisle to solve the issues faced by the middle class.

            Ed Triezenberg, UBC 562, reported that 4,000 people had rallied in Olympia in support of better unemployment benefits. The message was “Respect Working Families” He also announced that member, Ed Dinen, would be running in the 39th District for the State House of Representatives. He also mentioned his concern with a petition being circulated to stop the dumping of nuclear waste at Hanford. It has the potential of shutting down the clean-up there, and causing the loss of superfund monies. It is a “feel good” initiative that will be constitutionally challenged.

            Brian Levesque, SEIU 925 reported on the SEIU lobby day in Olympia on February 16th. SEIU has met with all the gubernatorial candidates and decided to endorse Christine Gregoire.







Organizing Reports Bob Rommel, SPEEA reported that they local had won a decertification attempt at Boeing by 65 votes. He also noted that the SPEEA building, a new office building down the street from the IAM hall, would be open soon. They will be having an open house.


Contract Negotiations

            Toni Bohan, reported they had reached a one year agreement in Marysville School District for this year. They already have sessions scheduled for the following year. They have a new mediator for EHA bargaining, and it appears to be moving more quickly.


Other Local activities: None




            Nominations were opened for Vice President. The following nomination was made:

                        Jackie Boshok, IAM 751F

M/S/C to honor Laura Wentworth for her service as Vice President



            Cait Alexander, Washington Citizens Action, talked about health care cost issues. She reported on the town meeting to be held on March 12th that the Labor Council is jointly sponsoring. The meeting will host Congressman Rick Larsen speaking on these issues.


            Bob Monize, LIUNA 292, spoke on a documentary that shows how we got into the Iraq war. He had it to loan out and felt it was well worth watching.


            Jim Smith, LIUNA 292, encouraged delegates to sign up to serve on committees. He also promoted the Radio Labor Journal. Jason Redrup, IAM 751 has joined them as a reporter. Look for the program on the last Monday of each month on KSER 90.7 at 4:30 PM. KSER is now located in downtown Everett.


            Mark Moshay, SPEEA, reported on a video excerpt about what happened in Florida during the FTAA rallies. It will be on KCTS as part of the Bill Moyer’s program.


            Jeff Seibert, IBEW 191, encouraged delegates to get involved with helping in the upcoming elections.


            The winner of the community services drawing was Toni Bohan, SEIU 925


The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 PM


Respectfully submitted,



Mike Sells, Secretary-Treasurer




From Washington State Labor Council, AFL/CIO

  • 1/30/04 Rick S. Bender, President on Paycheck Protection Coalition and minimum wage
  • 2/4/04 Rick Bender, President and Diane McDaniel, Political Director on getting involved in the political education program.
  • 1/2004 Diane McDaniel, WSLC Political Director on2004 endorsement process




  • 1/23/04 Karen Ackerman, Political Director and Denise Mitchell, Asst to the President for Public Affairs, re: State of the Union Worker Roundtables in Battleground States 2/3/04, Marilyn Sneidermann, Director of Mobilization on 2004 AFL/CIO Community Services Retreat in Minneapolis, April 26-29.
  • 2/5/04, Richard Trumka, Secretary-Treasurer on support for striking UFCW members in Southern California and the Adopt a Family program



From Unions and Labor Organizations


  • 2/3/04 Joseph T. Hansen, UFCW Secretary-Treasurer, thank you for donation to hard ship fund


From Public Officials

2/2/04 United States Senator Maria Cantwell responding to our concerns on overtime issue

  • 2/24/04 United States Senator Patty Murray responding to our concerns on FTAA
  • 2/24/04 United States Senator Maria Cantwell responding to our concerns on unemployment


From Businesses, Public Agencies, and Community Organizations


  • 2/9/04 Mary Helen Roberts, Board Chair, Children’s Campaign Fund seeking financial support
  • 2/17/04, Joni Earl, CEO, Sound Transit on construction update.
  • Undated, Bill Marler, WSU Regent and Nick Hanauer, President, Board of League of Education Voters, re: invitation to Feb. 17th briefing.


From Candidates for Public Office


  • 1/23/04 Steve Neighbors, Vice Chairman, Snohomish County Republican Party thanking Council for notice on COPE Screening process.
  • 2/17/04 Bob Watt, VP Government and Community Relations, Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Doug Beighle, Chairman of the Board of Puget Sound Energy promoting the candidacy of Mike Vaska, Republican for State Attorney General




AFSCME 109: 

AFSCME 109E: Dave Campbell, Robert Mueller, Darrell Smith, Scott White


AFSCME 113: Cameron Johnson, Monte Turner

AFSCME 1811:


AFSCME 1811CA: Jay Crockett, Jay Fraser, Patty Goins

AFSCME 1811JPD: Chris Harper


AFSCME 1811PA: David Kurtz




AFSCME 1020: Eric Wiseman

AFSCME 1355:

AFSCME 2753:

AFSCME 2964:

AFT 772: Mike Sells

AFT 1873:

AFT 4254:

APWU 484:

ATU 883:

ATU 1576: Dick McManus

CWA 37082:

GCIU 767M:


IAFF 46: Robert Downey

IAFF 1984:

IAFF 2694:

IAM 130:

IAM 751A: Bob Neumann, Tom Plummer, Jason Redrup, Don Shove

IAM 751C: Gregory Powell, Rod Sigvartson

IAM 751E:

IAM 751F: Jackie Boschok, Judy Neumann, Duanne Roope


IBEW 46:

IBEW 77: Peg Chrisman

IBEW 89: Mike Ferrucci

IBEW 191: Jeff Seibert

IBT 38: Mike Campbell, Chuck Jewell, Rick Olson

IBT 763:



ILWU 32: Ron Medcalf

IUOE 302:


IW 86:

IW 506:

LIUNA 292: Hazel Goehring, Bob Monize, Jim Smith

NALC 791:

National Writers Union:


OPEIU 277:

SEIU 775:

SEIU 925: Toni Bohan, Brian Levesque

SEIU 1199NW:

SMIU 66: Bill Wood

SPEEA: Tim Bond, Chris Glenn, Mark Moshay, Bob Rommel

UA 26:

UFCW 44:


UFCW 1001:

UFCW 1105: Nancy Holland-Young, Arthur Rice


Excused Delegates

AFSCME 109: Pat Thompson

AFSCME 948: Rhonda Riggle

AFT 772: Kim Mead

IAM 751A: Bruce Spalding

IBT 38: Steven Chandler, Janine Dibble, Leonard Kelley, Barry Lund

SEIU 1199NW: Steve Moll

SPEEA: David Simpson

UFCW 1105: Paul Quaintance, Lynda Rice



Cait Alexander, WA Citizen Action

Stephen Bish, SPEEA

Jim Hutchins, KCLA/UCF

Joe Lake, SPEEA

Larry Marrell, SPEEA

Sharon Marrell, SPEEA

Ron McGaha, IAM &AW 751

Jackie McGeachy, 1199NW/SEIU

Suzanne Moreau, Director Snohomish County Labor Agency

Ed Triezenberg, PNW Regional Council of Carpenters