Snohomish County Labor Council, AFL/CIO

Minutes of the meeting of September 27, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Pres. Darr. The flag salute followed. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as typed and handed out.


SPEEA 2001 for Bob Rommel, Christopher Glenn, David Pearson, Mark Moshay, Timothy Bond, Alan Rice. Bob Rommel, Christopher Glenn, and Mark Moshay had previously been sworn in.

M/S/C to seat present delegates and obligate new delegates present: Alan Rice and David Pearson.


Ed Taub, United Food & Commercial Workers, District 17, spoke on getting information out to members regarding Wal Mart.Letters were given to the delegates for their locals to review, make changes where appropriate and then be used in a letter writing campaign to their members.

David Simpson, Everett City Councilman, thanked Council for past support. Announced his candidacy for re-election to Everett City Council.

Chris Gregorich, Inslee Campaign, and Socrates Maria, Coordinated campaign. They explained the coordinated campaign. They are working on registration drives.

State Representative Aaron Reardon thanked the Council for its support during the election. He noted he took 62 per cent in the primary.

Ron Dotzauer, Cantwell campaign, spoke about the Cantwell campaign. Only candidate leading an incumbent.

Ned Daniels, Candidate in 21st District Legislative race. He discussed his opponents voting record, and thanked the Council for support.


      From Washington State Labor Council 9/6/00 Rick Bender, President & Diane McDaniel on support for Initiative 243, the Privacy over Profit Initiative; 9/12/00 Rick Bender, President & Diane McDaniel, Political Director on No on I-729, Charter Schools Initiative.

From Local Unions & Councils 9/13/00 Steve Williamson, Exec. Sec. of King County Labor Council on support for SEIU 6 organizing at the Pacific Science Center; 9/18/00 Steve Williamson, Exec Sec. of King County Labor Council on the Washington Alliance for Immigrant and Refugee Justice and Sept. 29th Discovery Park meeting of Justice for Immigrants

From Agencies and Groups 9/15/00, Carol Whitehead, Supt. of Everett Public Schools thank you to Sec. Treas. Sells for attending Sept. 13th community luncheon; 9/19/00 Bob Swanson, Co-chair and Rick Bender, Co-chair on Raise the Minimum Wage PAC


The Sec. Treas. gave out a written report of activities since the last meeting including: WSLC Convention, Organizersâ Forum, United Way strategic planning, EDC, EHA, CWU and COPE activity.

Executive Board report. The Sec. Treas. reported on the July 20 Executive Board meeting in which the following recommendations.

M/S to send the Sec. Treas. to Childrenâs Campaign fundraiser on Oct. 3rd costing $50.00 Motion carried.

M/S to contribute $100 to Institute for Democratic Future. Motion carried.

M/S to recommend to the Washington State Labor Council the endorsement of Maria Cantwell for US Senate. Motion carried (required 2/3 majority vote.)

M/S to purchase $200 worth of 2001 Labor History calendars for school distribution. Motion carried.

United Way Labor Liaison Bill Borders Thanked those that supported the raffle at the Solidarity Game. He thanked AFSCME 948, Carpenters 562, and the Labor Council for contributions that helped with Operation Shortfall fundraising at Solidarity Night. The United Way campaign has kicked-off and the point was made that even though we have a record economy, we have a record number of people with needs. He thanked President Darr for personally giving a check for $500 to Operation Shortfall. The Holiday Party is December 20th. This is used as another fundraising event for Operation Shortfall, and well as a community gathering with labor. He thanked those who helped in Day of Caring. The group sorted seven pallets of frozen onion rings for the VOA foodbank. He asked that delegates please donât forget to give at work to the United Way campaign.


Community Services--No further report

Education--Bill Borders, SEIU 120, discussed Labor in the Pulpit program designed to build and strengthen relationships with the religious community. A council committee is being developed to work on this.

Workers Memorial--Chuck Jewell, IBT 38, stated that the committee is in the process of putting a package together to take out to other organizations and business. Around $26.000 has been raised so far, with a large contribution of $5,000 coming from Kimberly Clark.

Womenâs Committee--No report

Wal Mart Strategies--No further report

Organizers Forum---Laura Wentworth, IBT 38, reported that they would be discussing salting in industries other than building trades at the next meeting. The next forum is scheduled for October 19th at 9 AM in the Labor Council offices.


Workforce Development Board-Don Shove, IAM 751A reported that the Workforce Development Board is functioning exceptionally well, and getting out contracts for retraining and training. Tom Campbell is doing a marvelous job of working with our County Executive. Transition from PIC to WIB is working well, also. Our WIB is one of the first in the State to be completely approved. It is a model for others around the country.


The Secretary-Treasurer set a COPE Screening Committee meeting for October 12 at 5:30 PM for the screening of PUD candidates. The results of the primary election were briefly discussed and the importance of getting out the vote in the general election was emphasized. A brief report on the Labor 2000 coordinators meeting of this morning (9/27) was presented, and information made available for local utilization.

Pat Connelly, ATU 1576 spoke to the need for phone bank help on No on Initiative 745 campaign. Dates for phoning are October 2 and October 16.

Pat Thompson, Labor Coordinator for Cantwell for Senator Campaign reported on her 93 per cent labor supportive voting record.

Secretary Treasurer Sells noted that AFL/CIO President John Sweeney would be in town in conjunction with Get Out The Vote activities sometime between Oct 23 and 25.

Judy Neumann, IAM 751F reported on Machinists activity in registering over 3,000 to vote this weekend.




Organizing reports--Laura Wentworth, IBT 38, reported on the organizing drive at Pepsi in Everett. There are 67 employees involved. The union has filed for an election. She gave a history of the contractual relationships with ALPAC and its successor, Pepsi. Five ULPâs have been filed due to management election misconduct. Managers are interrogating members one on one. Captive audience meetings have been held, with an organizing of anti-union members. The election is next Friday. There is a meeting Sunday of employees. Judy Neumann, IAM 751A, reported on the in plant organizing at Boeing plant. She was optimistic about the effect it was having. Craig Boag, IBEW 191, reported on organizing Intercity Electric out of Arlington. This is a company that has been non-union for years.

Contract negotiations & maintenance öCraig Boag, IBEW 191 reported that the Employers Association and IBEW went through Mutual Gains negotiating process and training. Afterwards, negotiations took and hour and a half. Union members will be getting $6.50 an hour raise within the next three years. He felt the process worked better than normal collective/adversarial bargaining.


Other local activity reports Pat Connelly, ATU 1576, encouraged folks to say No on I 745, and gave information on the initiatives potential impact.Ralph Knutson, AFSCME 1020 stated he would retire tomorrow after 34 years at the DOT. Delegates gave him a standing ovation, and the chair acknowledged his contribution to the Council. Adelina Gonzales, SEIU 1199NW organizer introduced herself to the Council. She has been assigned to Stevens Hospital after finishing a campaign at Providence Yakima.


Delegates were given a copy of Constitutional changes being requested and passed at the Executive Board. This is a first reading of those changes. They will be voted on at the next meeting.

M/S/C to pass Resolution 00-3 on Workers Compensation Legislation


Resolution # 00-3

Submitted by the Laborers 292 

WHEREAS, an employer protest or appeal from a Labor and Industries decision favorable to the claimant often leads to a termination of time loss benefits to an injured or ill worker while the employer appeal or protest is being considered; and

WHEREAS, failure to pay time loss to a claimant entitled to such benefits can bring great economic hardship on injured workers and their family; and

WHEREAS, the Department of Labor and Industries can pay provisional time loss benefits and also has a procedure for recouping benefits to which injured workers may not be entitled; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Snohomish County Labor Council, AFL/CIO, with the assistance of its affiliates, shall continue to work with the Washington State Labor Council to pursue legislation to provide time loss benefits during an employer protest or appeal.


Frank Prochaska, AWPPW 644, spoke to the problems with Workers Compensation. The WSLC is working with locals to obtain information on cases that have had problems. Locals may get the forms from WSLC. Bill Borders, SEIU 120, thanked Frank Prochaska for setting up meeting with Kimberly Clark, which helped garner the $5,000 for the Workers Memorial. Jim Smith, LIUNA 292, reminded delegates about the Labor Radio Journal. Last month they featured highlights from WSLC Convention, Labor Day Memorial at graveside of Ralph Chaplin, and a program on the ashes of Joe Hill Tune in at 4:30 PM at 90.7 KSER on the second Tuesday of the month, or you can hear it on KSER.ORG Darrell Chapman invited delegates to a small fundraiser at Rileyâs Pizza. There is a $25.00 donation. Adelina Gonzalez, SEIU 1199NW, reported on the apple workers on strike in the orchards in Eastern Washington. She mentioned a rally on Oct. 14th in Seattle at Seattle Central Community College. It is a rally to demand amnesty and respect for workersâ rights. The time it starts is 1 PM. Participants will walk to the Westlake Mall. The rally will emphasize: 1. General and unconditional amnesty for all foreign workers, who with their work contribute to generate the wealth of this country, 2. Respect for the rights of workers to be organized and/or to belong to a union, 3. Demand fair treatment from the police without caring about race.

Winner of the community services drawing was Don Shove, IAM 751§

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Sells, Sec. Treas.


AFSCME 109: Pat Thompson





AFSCME 948: Annabelle Collings, Rhonda Riggle

AFSCME 1020: Ralph Knutson

AFSCME 1355:

AFSCME 1811: Debbie Smith


AFSCME 1811CA: Debi Cole


AFSCME 1811PA: Dave Kurtz


AFSCME 2753:

AFSCME 2964:

AFT 772: Mike Sells, Kim Mead

AFT 1873:

AFT 4254: Mary Hale

APWU 484:

ATU 883:

ATU 1576: Pat Connelly

AWPPW 183:

AWPPW 644: Frank Prochaska

CWA 7800:

CWA 37082:

GCIU 767M:

IAFF 46:

IAFF 1984:

IAFF 2694:

IAFF 3219:

IAFF 3482:

IAFF 3524

IAM 130:

IAM 751A: Andrew Haugen, Robert Neumann, Don Shove

IAM 751C: Hank Getchman

IAM 751E:

IAM 751F: Judy Neumann


IBEW 77: Chuck Russell

IBEW 89:

IBEW 191: Craig Boag, Darrell Chapman, Jeff Seibert

IBT 38: Chuck Jewell, Bill Trautman, Laura Wentworth

IBT 174:

IBU/ ILWU 22: Stuart Downer


ILWU 32:

IUOE 286:

IUOE 302: Allan B. Darr

IW 86:

IW 506:

LADS 1144:

LIUNA 292: Bob Monize, Dan OâConnor, Jim Smith


NALC 791:


OPEIU 277:

SEIU 120: Bill Borders

SEIU 1199NW:

SMIU 66:

SPEEA: Chris Glenn, Alan Rice, David Pearson, Bob Rommel

UA 265:

UBC 562: Ed Triezenberg

UBC 2659:

UFCW 44:


UFCW 1001:

UFCW 1105:


Allyn Carson, SCLC

Ned Daniels, Candidate, 21st Legislative District, Pos. 2

Ron Dotzauer, Cantwell 2000

Adelina Gonzales, SEIU 1199NW

Chris Gregorich, Inslee 2000

David Hiller, SEIU

Robert McCauley,AFSCME Council 2

Janie McFalls, Treasurerâs Office

T. Lindsay Mead, EEA/UTE/AFT/NEA

Suellen Mele, No on 745

Socrates Morilla, Coordinated Campaign

Luis Moscoso, ATU 1576

Aaron Reardon, State Representative, 38th District, Pos. 1

David Simpson, Everett City Council

Edward Taub, UFCW District 17